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New Dubai traffic cameras to catch queue jumpers



According to reports, brand new traffic cameras that will catch drivers who cut long queues of traffic will be in place in a matter of weeks.

The cameras, which are set mostly at exits and turns where motorists often cut across lanes, were announced in June of this year.

“Al Mutabea” cameras, as they are being called, will automatically fine any cheeky driver who swerves in front of a long line of traffic. The camera is able to take photos and videos to send to the control room, where the illegal manoeuvre will be verified by Dubai Police.

The cameras are currently being installed in select locations, but depending on results, they may add more.

This comes after Dubai Police revealed that new cameras on Sheikh Zayed Road could catch motorists for mobile phone and seat belt offences, as well as the likes of illegal overtaking and tailgating.

Speaking to Dubai-based Arabic daily Emarat Al Youm, Mazroui said: “Drivers think that the cameras we have installed recently target only speedsters but they actually can detect more than a speed offence in both directions.” He went on to say that these cameras have managed to detect drivers who are travelling too close to the vehicle in front of them.

“Since the beginning of this year, these cameras have recorded 21,374 hard shoulder offences. These are very serious offences. The cameras can also catch drivers who go at high speed at junctions even if the lights are green,” he continued.

And word is that there are more high-tech traffic cameras on their way. The “Rasd” camera is able to scan number plates and alert Dubai Police to wanted vehicles.

Hopefully, all these new additions will help do make Dubai roads safer.

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