Floyd Mayweather buys a million dollar watch in Dubai Mall

Floyd Mayweather is in Dubai, and he’s doing what Floyd Mayweather does best: spending money. The boxer has been on a ridiculous shopping spree for weeks (even more ridiculous that usual) and the latest purchase is a $1.1 million dollar watch.

TMZ Sports posted a picture of the wrist candy, which is covered in diamonds, of course. Apparently a rep told the website, “The watch is roughly $1.1 million. This is just one of his big purchases.”

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According to sources he’s spent over $1.5 million in The Dubai Mall over the past two days. He’s staying at the Armani hotel in the Burj Khalifa, and judging by his social media accounts, the boxer is making the most of his $400 million net worth.

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The trip alone will be setting him back a fair whack, as he’s brought 24 of his mates along with him.

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“Haven’t been to the UAE in a while so I decided to come get the Royal Treatment and take 24 people to Dubai to hang out for a few days,” he wrote on Instagram. “I used to stay at The Burj Al Arab, 7 star hotel but now I’m at The Armani Burj Khalifa Hotel, the tallest building in the world!”

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