New 2016 salary guide for UAE residents

So what’s this all about then?
It’s a salary guide by Robert Half, a recruitment firm with offices in DIFC. They collate data for this guide every year and publish the results as a benchmark for employers.

Great! So which industries are covered?
Accounting and finance, financial services, human resources, technology and legal.

But what if I work in media…
Sorry, it’s not on the list!

How do they come up with the figures?
According to the guide: β€œThe salary figures are based on a number of sources, most notably the significant number of placements our recruiting professionals make each year. Our experts interact with hiring managers and candidates daily, which gives us the most up-to-date, real-world insight into the latest remuneration trends.”

Ok sounds legit. But why are the figures in dollars when we get paid in dirhams?
Ummmmm… we don’t know either.

And why are the salary ranges for each job so big?
The lower figure is for SMEs and the higher end of the range is for large companies.

I’m going to need a bit more info…
You can download the full salary guide (which has way more information than we included below) .

Does this mean I can get a pay rise?
Fingers crossed!

Accounting and Finance Salaries

Chief Financial Officer – from $228,500 – $618,500

Finance Director – from $182,000 – $367,500

Chief Accountant – from $98,000 – $163,500

Finance Manager – from $100,000 – $191,750

Financial Analyst – from $64,750 – $101,000

Audit Manager – from $134,250 – $ 253,250

Payroll Manager – from $73,250 – $114,250

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