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VIDEO: Two-wheel stunt at Dubai petrol station



Video footage from a Dubai petrol station shows a driver pulling a dangerous stunt on two wheels. The Nissan Patrol is seen balancing precariously as it speeds around ENOC station in Al Awir.

According to reports, this is not the first time that the man has been in trouble for reckless driving. On this occasion, Police say that he was dangerously close to petrol machines and could have caused a blaze, endangering his life and those around him.

“This man is 30 years old and already has a bad traffic record…he has already piled up 25 black points for rash driving and had his driving licence suspended for six months,” Dubai traffic police chief Colonel Saif Al Mazroui said following the incident.

“His car was seized again. He will be prosecuted and the penalty this time will be heavier as he nearly caused a disaster and risked lives,” he told Emarat Al Youm daily.

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