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du set to sell phone chargers powered by water and salt



It’s one of the worst #FirstWorldProblems around – a smartphone’s battery life is short. Too short. Trying to find a socket to charge your phone or battery pack is a daily task. But du are looking to make our lives easier, having announced plans to roll out a device that charges your phone using salt and water.

This environmentally friendly charger called the JAQ, which was created by Swedish manufacturer myFC, doesn’t require a socket or electricity. Instead, the charger works via top up cards which are single-use and recyclable.  The “PowerCard proton exchange membrane fuel cells” (whatever that means) contain both water and salt.

The pocket-sized device is being marketed at people who spend a lot of time away from power sources – so that’s camping trips covered.

“Mobile accessibility is critical for everyone and the demand for charging solutions for mobile phones, tablets, and cameras is increasing,’ said Björn Westerholm, CEO of myFC last year.

“The dramatic reduction of the size of both the fuel and charger allows for the charger to be slimmer, so as to nicely fit inside a jacket pocket, for example. This truly makes energy available whenever you need it.”

So how does it work? You buy a JAQ and simply put a top up battery card in it, which at 1800 mAh should be enough to charge your phone. Price estimates for the Jaq are extremely varied, with some reporting $99 and others up to $299, while the charging cards could be from $1.5 to $4. No pricing strategy for the UAE market has been confirmed by du.

The best news of all is that the device has been given the go-ahead for use on aeroplanes. And we could see it available in du stores from the Q2 of this year.

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