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What’s the cost of living in Dubai in 2016?



We’re used to hearing people complain about rent going up… Hang around in Spinney’s long enough and you’ll even hear grumbles about the price of imported vegetables. But how expensive is life in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, compared to other cities around the world?

According to Numbeo, a database compiled with user-contributed data, Dubai and Abu Dhabi aren’t in the top 10. They’re not even in the top 50. In fact, they’re not even in the top 150. The site’s 2016 Cost of Living Index puts Kuwait City at #30, making it the most expensive city in the Middle East, while Dubai comes in at #189 and Abu Dhabi at #261.

According to the Dubai data, which lists things like groceries, eating out, and utilities, the average cost of milk is AED5.56, while a cinema ticket comes in at AED35, and cappuccino is around AED16.22. It estimates rent in the city centre for a one-bedroom at AED7,861.87, and outside the city centre at AED5,371.14.

As for Abu Dhabi, the cost of milk is slightly higher at AED6.54, as is a cappuccino (AED17.04). However, according to Numbeo, the cost of many things like transportation and utilities is cheaper in Abu Dhabi. The rent for a one-bedroom in the city centre comes in at AED6,930.42, and AED5,336.84 outside the city centre.

In comparison to other major cities such as New York, which comes in at #17, we’ve got it pretty good. Perhaps unsurprisingly, seven of the top 10 most expensive cities are in Switzerland, with Zurich at #2, Basel at #3 and Geneva in 4th spot.

Apparently the most expensive city in the world is Hamilton in Bermuda, which is a major luxury tourist destination and the financial centre of the region.

At the other end of the spectrum, of the cities listed, Numbeo ranks Thiruvananthapuram (#494) in India as the least expensive. This is followed by Coimbatore at #493, Madurai at #492 and Kochi at #491. In fact, Indian cities dominate a large section of the world’s most affordable, taking up the whole of the bottom 10.

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