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VIDEO: Shark jumps onto boat in Fujairah



It’s like a scene from Jaws – a group of fishermen attacked by a huge shark. But a reports by Al Bayan and Emirates24|7 state that a captain and his crew were pounced on by a two tonne shark in Fujairah.

Emirati captain Hamza Hamid Al Shara and his crew were stunned when a shark jumped around five meters from the water and into the boat. “Fortunately, the shark hit a barrier and fell in the middle. We managed to catch it and one of our crew members got injured in the bargain,” he said.

WARNING: Don’t watch this video if you’re squeamish.

According to Mahmoud Hamid Al Shara, head of the Fujairah Fishermen’s Association, the captain and crew were lucky to get away from the ordeal without serious injuries.

Shark sightings aren’t common in this area – especially for sharks of this size. It is also rare for sharks to launch attacks of this nature.

Khalida Massoud, deputy head of the Fujairah Fishermen’s Association, told reporters that it seems sharks have returned this season, having vanished for a long time.

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