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UAE drone owners may be breaking the law



Sometimes drones are awesome – just watch this video of drone footage taken by Emirates Airline. But the popular gadgets aren’t without their controversy. Last year, drones strayed into flight paths at Dubai International Airport, grounding a number of planes.

Many drone owners may not know that when using their device, they could be breaking the law. According to a law which came into effect in April 2015, drones must be registered with the General Civil Aviation Authority.

“Only a limited number of private drone operators have knowledge of the law regarding entering civil airspace, air traffic control and avoidance procedures and safety issues surrounding that,” Mohammed Al Dossari of the GCAA told The National.

According to the report, it is also illegal to have a camera on a drone, which has caused confusion given that many shop owners don’t inform buyers of this law at the point of sale. The bottom line is – unless you have approval from the GCAA, you cannot fly a drone with a camera as it is an infringement of UAE privacy laws.

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Flying a drone over 400ft or in darkness is also banned, and you must stay clear of all airports, flight paths and congested areas. Remember that you are legally responsible for safely using your done, so if you’re considering making a purchase, read up on the law before you go ahead, or it could be an expensive mistake that sits around gathering dust.

Restrictions vary across the world, and being as drones are relatively new as consumer products, laws are still evolving. Last year, stricter rules were brought introduced in the UK after a number of cases involving collisions with other aircraft. Much like privacy restrictions in the UAE, the UK has raised concerns about drones being used to record people without their consent.

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