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Dubai taxis get CCTV cameras



CCTV cameras have been installed in Dubai taxis by the Roads and Transport Authority, both to monitor the performance of drivers and to uphold security, reports claim.

A story by Gulf News reveals that this project has been in the trial stage for the last six months, with some taxis testing different types of cameras. Each of these taxis have three small cameras – two external, covering the front and back of the vehicle, and one internal camera covering the driver. Footage from the cameras is sent directly to the RTA’s control centre.

It’s hoped that this will make passengers feel safe when travelling by taxi, and also help taxi drivers if they need to resolve a dispute. Many drivers have commented that they feel better about having evidence to back them up if any complaints are made. The cameras should ensure that any complaints made can be investigated fairly. While the project is in the trial stage, feedback is being taken from drivers and passengers.

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Abdullah Yousuf Al Ali, CEO of the Public Transport Agency told Gulf News: “Until now a few taxis have been equipped and we are testing the system with different types of cameras to get the best results. Each taxi includes three CCTVs, one on the driver only [not covering passengers] and the other two for rear and front [outside].”

This report comes months after the RTA announced that it would be installing cameras in taxis as a pilot project. At the time, Al Ali highlighted that the cameras would help with the safe return of lost and found items.

In August last year, the Khaleej Times took a poll to see how many people would like cameras to be installed in taxis, and found that 74 percent of respondents were keen on the idea.

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