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This 4-metre dragon is made out of 230,000 lego bricks



Exciting news for Lego fanatics who never quite grew out of it – the first Lego model has been installed at Legoland Dubai! The giant red dragon will has taken its place at The Dragon roller coaster at the theme park in Dubai Parks and Resorts.

At a whopping four metres long and weighing half a tonne, it is made out of 230,000 Lego bricks, which will make it one of the largest models in the park. The dragon has animated eyes, which will glow at passers by in Legoland Castle. The best part is, it will breathe smoke out of its nostrils.

“We are particularly thrilled to be announcing the arrival of the iconic Red Dragon model – not only because this is a significant milestone for Legoland Dubai, but also because this is one of the biggest and most animated models in the park,” said Siegfried Boerst, General Manager of Legoland Dubai.

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