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Astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi Shares A Tribute To Late Sheikh Zayed Aboard The ISS



Astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi Shares A Tribute To Late Sheikh Zayed Aboard The ISS

The 19th day of Ramadan, which fell on 9th April 2023 this year, is celebrated as the Zayed Humanitarian Day in memory of the Late Sheikh Zayed. Late Sheikh Zayed had been recognized as the father of the UAE. He dedicated his entire life to the upliftment of the marginalized communities of the UAE and the rest of the world.

On the occasion of Zayed Humanitarian Day, tributes have been pouring from different parts of the world to express reverence towards the legendary Late Sheikh Zayed. The Emirati Astronaut, Sultan Al Neyadi has also shared a heartfelt note all the way from Outer Space.

He shared a photograph of the Emirati flag through microgravity on the eve of the Zayed Humanitarian Day. 

Al Neyadi remembers the legacy of the founding father and vows to carry the same ahead

Al Neyadi took to Twitter to pen down his emotions. He remembered Late Sheikh Zayed as an epitome of kindness. He expressed his gratitude towards the Late Sheikh Zayed for having taught him the noble virtues of selflessness. He acknowledged the efforts of Sheikh Zayed in developing compassion for the weak and underprivileged sections of society.

Al Neyadi remembers the legacy of the founding father and vows to carry the same ahead

In addition, it was only because of Sheikh Zayed that the UAE could establish its global reputation for extending a helping hand to the affected regions of the world. Al Neyadi shared his pride in being an Emirati who is ingrained with determination and ambition. 

Al Neyadi left for the International Space Station on March 3, 2023. He along with two other Russian astronauts from NASA have undertaken a mission to conduct more than 200 experiments in International space and unravel the theories of science which would trigger modern developments. His mission will continue for six months

Despite being on a very strategic mission, Al Neyadi has never failed to share his experiences on a real-time basis with the residents of Dubai. He has attended a live conference from the International Space Station to interact with the young scientists.

He regularly shares snapshots of Outer Space as well. He aims to encourage the young minds of the nation to aspire and dream. 

Al Neyadi posted a heartfelt caption to commemorate Zayed humanitarian day. This day marks the death anniversary of the Late Sheikh Zayed.

Al Neyadi is an ardent follower of the iconic personality so far. He has been inspired by the readings that have always motivated him to alleviate the sufferings of the marginalized. In fact, Al Neyadi even shared that he is proud to serve his country.

He is an important member of the Crew-6-mission that is part of Expedition 68/69. It is important to note that Al Neyadi also led the Zayed Ambition 2 mission.

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space centre launched its mission earlier this year in order to integrate social efforts with scientific achievements for increasing the extent, outreach, and accessibility of the services. 

Al Neyadi is the 10th space-walking citizen in the world. He is the first person from the UAE to have achieved such a distinction. He has been a part of various space missions and he has successfully accomplished all of them so far.

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He undertook a journey of 6.5 hours in extravehicular orbit to reach the International Space Station. He has been sharing the details of all the experiments he has conducted there. Recently, he sent a video through microgravity to the Mohammed Bin Rashid space centre.

He was separating hydrogen from oxygen so as to purify the impure water and make it fit for human consumption. In this way, he has been constantly in touch with all the people. His efforts have been duly accounted for and he has been already nominated for various awards. 

Al Neyadi has always stayed down-to-earth and versatile. In a recent interview, he confirmed that his humility is his biggest asset. He draws inspiration from the Late Sheikh Zayed. He has always helped the community in the best way possible. In fact, he usually donates huge amounts to charitable organizations and institutions in the UAE to serve the poor and the needy.

He has always focused on the empowerment of the youth. He believes that the youth has the power to make a change. Therefore, he motivates young minds to accept the teachings of the Late Sheikh Zayed and pass them down the line of their descent.

This is the only way through which the message of kindness and compassion would spread throughout the country. Al Neyadi has always endorsed the attitude of giving and that is why is a true Emirati. 

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