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Big Bad Wolf Books: The ‘World’s Biggest Book Sale’ Returns To Dubai – Latest Report



Big Bad Wolf Books The 'World’s Biggest Book Sale' Returns To Dubai - Latest Report

Dubai is channelizing all its efforts towards becoming a global destination. In an attempt to become the most vibrant nation, it is now undertaking to become a host of various international and national events of public significance. One such event is the Big Bad Wolf Book.

This is the largest book sale in the world. It is being currently organized in Dubai under the aegis of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority.

This exhibition highlights and endorses the visionary and dynamic spirit of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid who has always focused on the recognition of the culture and the arts within the territory of Dubai.

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale has become a staple event of the UAE since 2018

This exhibition would be helping to promote a culture of reading and exchanging intellectual discourses. The Government of Dubai is committed to building a centralized society that continues to inspire its men and women to unravel the opportunities of tomorrow.

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale has become a staple event of the UAE since 2018

such exhibitions help to explore the dynamic possibilities and devise strategies to take the first mover advantage in order to share the benefits of inclusive growth.

This exhibition commenced on 8th April 2023 and would continue up to 16th April 2023. The venue is completely filled with new books and the latest collections that help to cater to the taste of the individuals. 

The first version of this Big Bad Wolf Book sale was organized in 2009 in Kuala Lumpur. The objective of this exhibition was to make reading accessible and affordable to the younger generation of readers.

It is important to note that every possible attempt was made to make the event enjoyable so that even non-book lovers enjoy it. Ever since then, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale has been arranged in around 37 cities across 14 countries so far.

It has been organized in Pakistan, Thailand, the Philippines, and Australia. This event has been attended by a total of 6.5 million visitors worldwide. Since 2018, the event is being organized in the UAE due to the overwhelming response received from the citizens. The last edition witnessed a sale of around 31 million books alone. 

It is for the fourth time, that Dubai is hosting the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. It is held during the Holy Month of Ramadan every year.

The exhibition displays a wholesome variety of unique books in different genres. The event was inaugurated by Sheikha Latifa Bin Mohammed who is the chairwoman of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority. She congratulated the organizers of the Big Bad Wolf Book Sales for having conducted such a successful event.

Many people from Dubai and other neighboring Middle Eastern Countries are visiting this event to explore new collections of books and novels.  There are around 1 million books put on display. This event has been organized at Sound Stages in the Dubai Studio City.

Book lovers are very excited about this event as they will get to buy the best-sellers in various categories such as fiction, non-fiction, comics, self-help, cookbooks, and children’s books.

All the books are heavily discounted and visitors can buy amazing books for as low as Dh 2.  The books have been stacked over one another so far. From senior citizens to adults, and children, the event is open to everyone. The timings of the event are from 10 am to 2 am.

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Additionally, entry is free for everyone. This will definitely encourage the people to attend this event and enrich their knowledge and experience. However, before entering the venue, the visitors are required to scan a QR code on the site itself and fill out an online form.

This procedure will automatically register the visitors. All the visitors can participate in free-distribution sprees and win exciting prizes over a period of time.

This event is likely to encourage all individuals and communities to explore their hidden selves and unlock their true potential.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, Ruler of Dubai is one of the most dynamic personalities behind the organization of the event. He has always envisioned an educated society for the UAE. According to him, reading is the best way to inculcate traditional virtues in the younger generations. The Government of Dubai has already built a roadmap for sustainably developing Dubai by empowering young minds to contribute to such a development.

This exhibition is clearly aligned with the vision of the Ruler of Dubai. This event will definitely help to build a stronger fundamental of the country as a whole. Such events add value to the residents of a country. According to the officials, the Government is planning to develop more events in the future.

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