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Brand Dubai Launches Fourth Edition Of Ramadan Recipes Guide



Brand Dubai Launches Fourth Edition Of Ramadan Recipes Guide

Brand Dubai has recently launched the ‘Proudly from Dubai’ Initiative to celebrate Dubai’s culinary diversity and unique blend of flavors. This initiative has been launched at the onset of the holy month of Ramadan for providing delicious ideas of recipes that people may try and enjoy with their loved ones.

The objective behind this initiative is to encourage homegrown businesses and capabilities among the public. Brand Dubai has collected and summarised easy-to-prepare recipes for Ramadan inspired by the top chefs working in the top restaurants of Dubai.

 The newly launched food guide provides access to modern and traditional recipes for Iftar and Suhoor. These recipes are very innovative and are made through a combination of traditional and international flavors.

Brand Dubai aims to strengthen the emergence of Dubai as a gastronomic hub 

It motivates the home cooks to prepare these recipes at home and enrich the experience of Ramadan. The recipes have been inspired by a broad range of international cuisines such as Emirati, American, Italian, Mexican, and Mediterranean. This guide basically depicts Dubai’s zeal and passion for excellence and dynamism. 

Brand Dubai aims to strengthen the emergence of Dubai as a gastronomic hub 

Brand Dubai is a creative arm of the Government of Dubai Media Office. It has now entered into a partnership with various top-class restaurants and chefs in order to publish 30 creative recipes for the 30 days of Ramadan. Fatma Almulla, the branding executive at Brand Dubai shared her curiosity and excitement to unveil the latest 30 recipes in the new edition of the Ramadan Recipes Guide.

According to her, this is an annual initiative to celebrate the rich taste of Dubai at an international level. This initiative also supports various entrepreneurs to come forward and contribute to the diverse food of Dubai.

Different types of recipes have been featured in the guide after drawing their inspiration from different parts of the world. These recipes have been curated by celebrity chefs working in Dubai. The guide provides a step-by-step guide to prepare everything from sweet to savory for families and friends during Ramadan.

It includes the recipes for starters, main courses, salads, soups, snacks, sweets, large plates, and drinks. One can also get access to nutritious recipes in the guide. These recipes have been upgraded to include vegan and gluten meals this time as well. 

This guide is very unique in its concept. It has sought to deliver an amazing variety of dishes for Ramadan inspired by international cuisines.

The recipes have been imbued with modern twists and flavors. These recipes represent the unique personalities and nationalities of the chefs who prepare them.

They are very easy to prepare. This will help the Islamic and Arabic people during Ramadan to relish the tastiest and most exotic food of all time.

Various international chefs such as Chef Izu Ani, Chef Maitha Al Warshaw, Chef Amna Al Hashemi, Chef Arwa Lootah, and Chef Sumaya Obaid have contributed to the latest edition of the recipe book.

“Proudly from Dubai” has helped to showcase traditional Islamic and Arabic cuisine on the international platform. It has also helped homegrown businesses to expand their area of operation beyond borders. It has boosted the entrepreneurial culture in Dubai and has shaped the creativity of the upcoming entrepreneurs.

Various outlets such as Terra Eatery, Fat Uncle, The Bread Basket, and Kona House Coffee have participated in this initiative. This is the best part of this initiative so far. This program has basically mitigated the gap between the audience and the chefs and home cooks. 

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This recipe book would be available both in online and offline stores. The Government of Dubai Media Office has decided to launch this book in the international markets as well. This will help to elevate Dubai’s cuisine at the international forefront. People so far have expressed their happiness about this latest innovation.

This diverse experience of food especially during the time of Ramadan is very precious and exciting. The recipes are very simple yet modern. They are creative and scrumptious as well. This fourth edition of the recipe book is expected to be the most successful edition so far.

The holy month of Ramadan is all about relishing a shared belief of goodwill and prosperity with your family and friends. A wholesome and delicious meal after fasting is a perfect way to connect with the entire community.

Therefore, this initiative will definitely help to foster feelings of love, care, fraternity, and togetherness among the people of Dubai and other middle eastern countries. This would be very beneficial for the establishment of peace and prosperity in the times to come. The Government of Dubai is planning more such measures for effective development.

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