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Crown Prince Of Dubai Shares Video Of Burj Khalifa Sheltering From Rain With Umbrella



Crown Prince Of Dubai Shares Video Of Burj Khalifa Sheltering From Rain With Umbrella

The Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum shared a video clip on social media which has gone viral.

The CGI clip shows Burj Khalifa opening up from the middle to pull up an umbrella that opens up to guard the tower against the rain. The video posted on Instagram had the caption, “It’s that time of the year!” hinting at the arrival of winter and rain in the UAE.

The video has gone viral since being shared on social media on Tuesday by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed 

The video was part of the Dubai Destinations Promotion Campaign which was launched by Sheikh Hamdan in December last year. The Dubai Destinations Campaign is a tourist attraction programme to show Dubai as a Winter Sun destination where people can visit for enjoying the subtle winters compared to the freezing temperatures in other parts of the world like Europe and America.

Sheikh Hamdan launched the 2022 campaign at the beginning of December and it aims to bring in a large number of tourists to enjoy the different terrains of Dubai like the mountains, Hatta Village, Hatta Dam and Hill Park etc.

He expects the Dubai economy to thrive on domestic tourism which can be one of the strengths of Dubai in putting itself on the Global tourism map as a lovable winter spot to enjoy some warm winters.

Burj Khalifa Sheltering From Rain With Umbrella

The campaign would also focus on spreading Emirati values and showing the unique cultural heritage of the UAE. Last year’s winter tourist campaign had a very good impact and it attracted around 1.3 million domestic tourists generating an income of Dh1.5 billion over the period of just one month. In general, there was a thirty-six percent increase in the number of tourists and fifty percent more hotel bookings compared to previous years. 

Mona Al Marri, Vice Chairperson and Managing Director, of Dubai Media Council and Director General of the Government of Dubai Media Office said that the winter tourism initiative covers various factors of Dubai tourism like the beaches, exciting adventures, cultural heritage, modern lifestyle and mountain landscapes.

As part of the campaign, a series of travel guides would be created that will highlight the various winter attractions in Dubai that include dining options, sports activities, seasonal explorations etc. According to ParkSleepFly, a global travel package provider, Dubai is among the world’s best winter sun destinations and the Winter Sun Index states that Dubai has been the most searched in Google for its winter-related ‘Things to do’.

The Dubai Destinations website had also been launched recently in an effort to have more organized accessibility for the content created related to the campaigns. The website will share various videos, guides and other multimedia content based on the winter campaign in Dubai.

The Dubai Destinations campaign will be running till February next year and it welcomes both international and domestic visitors to come and experience the winter attractions of Dubai focusing on its theme around land, sky and water. 

As mentioned earlier, the Hatta mountains and village will be a major attraction of this year’s campaign as it will focus on areas around the Hatta village, its glorious past fused with its natural scenery and mountains. The archaeological site at Hatta will also provide a glimpse into the rich and vast history of the place.

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The Hatta Mountain Reserve is a natural reserve that is home to many rare birds and animals which is also part of the main winter campaign of Dubai. The Dubai Destinations winter campaign is a collaborative campaign with the cooperation of various departments like the Dubai Municipality, the Department of Economy and Tourism, the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, Nakheel Properties, the Dubai Design District, the Majid Al Futtaim Group etc.                            

The UAE in general is having the onset of winter with rains and winds across the nation. People have started welcoming the arrival of rain by posting videos of them enjoying the showers. There were rains in multiple places like Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc. from Monday and the weather department has predicted unstable weather with dropping temperatures. A yellow warning had also been issued by the National Center of Meteorology and it is expected that the weather might continue like this for the coming two or three days.

It is forecasted that the showers should seize by New Year’s Eve as this is believed to be a short spell. The authorities said that they are fully prepared to deal with waterlogging in different parts; the UAE and the Dubai municipality are also getting geared up with all the necessary and advanced equipment required to deal with the excess water.

New year’s eve will see grand celebrations across Dubai as multiple locations will be offering new year’s eve gala events. Burj Khalifa, like every year, will be holding its laser and lights show with fireworks that will be one of the main new year’s eve events.                                                       

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