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DEWA’s Virtual Employee ‘Rammas’ Responds To Over 6.8mn Enquiries In A 6-year Period



DEWA’s Virtual Employee ‘Rammas’ Responds To Over 6.8mn Enquiries In A 6-year Period

DEWA, Dubai Electricity, and Water Authority launched its Virtual Employee, an Artificial intelligence-based program named “Rammas” designed to assist customers with any queries, and more importantly, it is available 24/7.

The AI answered more than 6.8 million queries made by the citizens of the emirate over the period from the first quarter of 2017 from its launch to the end of December 2022. The Dubai government became the first organization to launch a chatbot that communicates with customers.

It was launched as a part of the DEWA’s strategy to employ AI services in its all operations and services in the coming years, to achieve the 10X initiative which is to put the country 10 years ahead of other global cities, by the vice president and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. ‘Rammas’ is also part of the UAE Vision 2021.

How to access ‘Rammas’?

‘Rammas’ can be accessed for your service in Arabic and English on DEWA’s official website, DEWA’s smart app, and many others. Artificial intelligence is designed to learn and understand the needs of customers and address them according to their queries. After more than a year of its launch, it replied to nearly 1,634,000 inquiries.

It is characterized to provide information on 200 services and features, including managing supply, bill payment channels, general questions, and among others. Additionally, it also provides services such as EasyPay and DEWA stores – which came in its third phase of the upgrade.


During the initial phase, it needed several advanced enhancements and features to smoothen the communication between ‘Rammas’ and customers. Although, the developing team further improved the mechanisms of the AI – enabling it to track electricity and water activation services, find new connections requests by contractors and consultants as well as job inquiries along with application status.

H.E Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD, and CEO of DEWA told that with the launch of ‘Rammas’; the number of visits customers made to the DEWA’s service centers was reduced and the adoption of smart services by customers reached 99%. He added that this model was designed to support the UAE National Strategy for intelligence 2031, the Dubai 10X initiative and to make Dubai the preferred place to live, work and visit.

Dubai aims to upgrade its government services to advanced levels by implementing strategical and innovative solutions to achieve the objectives for UAE Centennial 2071, a long-term plan proposed, by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to prepare the youth of the Emiratis for the future. 

H.E Saeed Mohammed AL Tayer also commented regarding the long-term objective. He stated that the government is seeking to implement UAE Artificial Intelligence strategies to create a smart, productive, innovative, and sustainable environment through modern developing AI applications, Tools, and investments. He continued that the emirate is heading toward an innovative future as they seek to employ continued development and improvement.

Furthermore, he cited that, these improvements will enhance DEWA’s plan to stay competitive and stay on track of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. These improvements include using of disruptive technologies such as AI, Drones, 3D printing, Blockchain technology, and many others.

Since its launch, it has been consistently delivering remarkable responses to customers. According to the reports almost every customer using Artificial Intelligence is completely satisfied with its response. Through this innovative technology, DEWA aims to keep pace with global development and supports the entitled visions proposed by their ruler.

For its astonishing performance, Rammas won the AI breakthrough Award for the Transactional Robotics Innovation Category.

In addition to this innovative technology, Dubai Electric and Water Authority announced that its total population is served by 2.1 million smart electricity and water meters. These smart technologies enable customers to monitor and efficiently consume water and electricity, as well it helps to manage the costs of an individual or family.

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It is reported that customers can monitor their usage by logging on to DEWA accounts through websites and smartphones. Once logged in, the user can monitor the utilization of water and electricity by viewing the dashboard of the profile.

Furthermore, DEWA declared that the usage of photovoltaic solar power (PV) and concentrated solar power (CSP) has reached 2,027 Megawatts. This calculation estimates that clean energy comprises Dubai’s total power production. The CEO of DEWA assured that it will have a production of 5,000 Megawatts by 2030. The power production– solar park is on the progression to its 4th phase as it has completed 92%.

The 5th phase of the solar park is 52.9 percent complete and estimated to power 300 MW and will be commissioned in 2023, AI Tayer said after inspecting the solar park. The 5th phase will have a total capacity of 900MW, once it is complete. The 4th phase is estimated to provide clean energy for around 320,000 residents as well as reduce 1.6 million tonnes of carbon emissions yearly.

With this technological advancement, the development of the nation can be highly effective. At this rate of rapid development Dubai and other Emirates may achieve their UAE vision much sooner than it is expected.

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