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Dubai Announces Service To Verify Validity Of Real Estate Ads



Dubai Announces Service To Verify Validity Of Real Estate Ads

The Dubai Land Development (DLD) department has announced a new service to verify the validity of real estate ads.

The DLD in collaboration with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) has issued a circular confirming that the new service will be provided with the assistance of an electronic service, Madmoun. The service will verify the validity of real estate via QR codes.  

The new service will function with effect from 24th April 2023 and will be made mandatory

This new service sidelines with the goal of the Dubai Land Development department in making Dubai ‘The World Leader in Real Estate Investments’ by utilizing technology to create real estate products. 

The new service will function with effect from 24th April 2023 and will be made mandatory

The service can be accessed via the Trakheesi System, it will have a quick response code (QR Code) which will be allotted as a part of the permit for the real estate advertisement. This system of issuing a unique QR code for advertisements was developed in connection with the efforts taken by the DLD to strengthen and modernize the real estate governance procedures and to boost the confidence of the investors.  

The system will come into force from April 24th onwards, and all the real estate firms are asked to include the QR code on all the advertisements they produce including print and audio-visual marketing. Once this service starts functioning, the customers will be benefited, as it helps them to identify the authenticity and validity of the advertisements so easily. Thus, it will help them to quickly identify whether an advertisement is approved by the RERA or not. 

Customers can also visit the official website of the DLD to examine the complete information about the advertisement. The website will provide details regarding the advertising agency, the features of the property, and its condition. This link can be protected to avoid any further modification of the data provided. 

Engineer Marwan bin Ghalita, the CEO of the Real Estate Regulatory Agency at the DLD said that the service will support the mission of DLD to accomplish the objectives of the Dubai Economic Agenda (D33), launched by the Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE. 

The Dubai Economic Agenda (D33) was launched to create a new economic value through digital transformation in order to accomplish the vision of Sheik Mohammed to confirm the position of Dubai as a major player in the digital system and capital of the digital economy. 

He further added that the RERA and DLD are on a mission of improving and enhancing transparency in the real estate industry. And that they will continue to strengthen the real estate community with efficient and practical real estate services with the support of skilled human cadres and ground-breaking digital infrastructures. 

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The service of Madmoun will help the real estate sector to flourish and grow sustainably. This will help to transform the status of Dubai as a pioneer in the field by keeping pace with the best standards and practices from around the world. 

According to the RERA, all real estate companies are required to follow this service to avoid being charged with any violation issues. The companies can get their QR code for advertisements through the Trakheesi System.   

To ensure the protection of the clients and to prevent them from getting exposed to fake or untrustworthy transactions, the DLD has advised the clients to engage with only those real estate advertisements that have a QR code, 

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