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Dubai Bus Crash 2019: Indian Engineering Student Receives 5 Million Dirhams In Compensation



Dubai bus crash Indian student receives Dh5 million in compensation

Indian young student critically injured receives 5 million Dirhams in compensation. Muhammed Baig Mirza was a 20-year-old engineering student when this deadly crash almost took his life. This violent crash occurred on June 6th of 2019 taking the lives of 17 people including 12 Indians, 2 Pakistanis, an Irish woman, an Omani, and a Filipina citizen.

Most of the Passengers were returning from Oman to the UAE after spending their Eid-Al-Fitr holiday. This accident left the whole country traumatized, with the killing of more than half the passengers on the bus.

Following the accident, the driver was sentenced to seven years in prison and was ordered to pay the bloodwit of 3.4 million to the victim’s family as compensation. The Dubai Traffic Courts punished him with imprisonment for 7 years and deportation, In July 2019. Mirza was initially given a compensation of 1 Million Dirhams which was increased to 5 million.

Mirza suffered grave injuries and is struggling to return to normal life

Due to this accident, Mirza and his family had to go through an intense period of suffering which has been eased a bit by this increase in compensation. He was not able to complete his Mechanical Engineering diploma because of the accident. He was described as a bright student good at both academics and sports.

Oman-UAE bus crash  Indian youngster awarded Dh5 million

He was an intelligent student and also a part of Football and volleyball teams. But this cruel twist of events has made it almost impossible for Mirza to return to his previous life. According to the reports, Mr. Mirza was hospitalized for over 2 months and remained unconscious for 14 days. The doctors of Dubai Rashid Hospital, who look after Mirza didn’t expect him to make it back to life, considering his serious injuries. Mirza was later moved to a rehabilitation center and stayed there for further treatment for several months.

The Hyderabadi native had suffered more than 50 percent of brain damage and various other injuries to his skull, ears, mouth, arms, and legs which were assessed by a team of forensic medical experts. Muhammed Biag Mirza is now 24 years old and stays with his family in Dubai.

Mr. Anees quoted that Mirza has short-term memory loss and severe damage to his brain.“Muhammed forgets easily so he will ask for food or medicine an hour after he has eaten. He cannot walk steadily and drags his leg. He is often violent and then apologizes for it.” said the senior consultant. His father lost an upcoming promotion due to his decrease in performance caused by the trauma from his son’s accident. The family had to suffer a lot, mentally and financially.

Mr. Mirza was initially offered 1 million Dirhams as compensation by UAE Insurance Authority, a primary compromise court that included insurance experts and the Central Bank. But Mirza’s family petitioned before the court which increased the compensation amount. The insurance company proceeded to the Cassation court twice, challenging the decision. The Cassation Court, the highest court in Dubai sent it back to the Appeals Court, which then passed the approval for increasing the compensation to 5 million Dirhams.

Mirza’s parents have not spoken up to the media yet, but their lawyers confirmed that they were relieved because they can spend the money on their son’s treatment. The cheque was handed over to the family on Wednesday, 5th of April. The Sharjah-based Frangulf Advocates Senior Consultant Easa Anees, Advocate UC Abdullah, and Advocate Mohammed Fazil handled this case for Muhammad Baig Mirza. Under the supervision of FranGulf Advocate’s Chief Advisor Advocate.

Sharif Al Warda, The UAE advocates Hassan Ashoor Al Mulla and Farid Al Hassan appeared and fought throughout various stages of the case held at different levels, from the insurance authority to the Highest Court in Dubai, for more than two years; resulting in this monetary aid for Mr. Mirza and his family.

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The Omani driver’s seven-year sentence reduced to One year

Mr. Mirza was returning from Oman after spending the holidays with his relatives when the Omani driver crashed into a height restriction barrier at the entry point of the Al Rashidiya Metro Station parking, destroying the left side of the vehicle.

The driver took the wrong exit from Mohammed Bin Zayed Road leading onto Rashidiya Road. He traveled on a road that was not designated for buses. When the driver saw the lane had a high restriction barrier, he swerved, causing it to cut through the upper left side of the bus. The driver admitted to the wrongful deaths of the passenger before the courts. He also confessed that the sun’s glare disrupted his vision.

The lawyers defending the case took it to the Appeals court stating that the barriers were placed wrongly on the motorway. They said the RTA did not follow GCC standards and guidelines, which instruct a 60-meter distance between height restriction chains and overhead barriers on a 60kph street, and also about the use of solid steel to create such barriers, which is against the GCC standards and International Guidelines.

Based on the debates of the drivers’ lawyers the court ordered a thorough examination to be conducted by a team of engineers. The court reduced the sentence and canceled the deportation of the driver based on the reports submitted. But he was still expected to pay the fine and compensation.

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