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Dubai Chamber Of Digital Economy Appoints Saeed Al Gergawi As Vice President



Dubai Chamber Of Digital Economy Appoints Saeed Al Gergawi As Vice President

The Government of Dubai is committed to steering the growth in the Digital Economy. In furtherance of this objective, it has established three Chambers one of which is named the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy.

The Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy is working recklessly for the development of technology. The institution aims to incorporate technology in every dimension so as to boost the gross domestic product

An official from the Chamber recently shared in an interview that the Chamber needs the leadership of an expert who could help to transform the digital infrastructure of Dubai. Therefore, Mr. Saeed Al Gergawi has been appointed as the Vice-president of the organization. 

Mr. Saeed Al Gergawi is a pivotal leader who has expertise and experience in technology. He has been the mastermind behind various campaigns which aim to convert Dubai into an International technology hub.

It is expected that under his leadership, the Chamber for Digital Economy would play a revolutionary role to strengthen the digital economy of Dubai. The Government of Dubai has handed various portfolios to Mr. Saeed Al Gergawi so far. 

The Chamber will work for the technical upliftment of Dubai

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al MaktoumVice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai envisions Dubai as a bright city in the future. The chamber of Digital economy in Dubai is likely to play a strategic role in fulfilling this motive.

In furtherance of this objective, the Chamber is recruiting young members who could work with a renewed zeal to empower the talented to contribute to Dubai’s development. Mr. Saeed Al Gergawi has mandated the recruitment of young cadres to carry forward the upcoming initiatives of the Chamber so far. 

The Chamber will work for the technical upliftment of Dubai

Dubai aims to establish itself as a leader in the digital economy in the years to come. Therefore, it has laid the responsibility on the Chamber of Digital Economy to launch programs to empower the sectors of the economy which are required to be upgraded with the help of the requisite technology.

The Chamber is focusing on the development of innovative solutions to solve upcoming challenges. In fact, it has formed a specific task force of officials that is specifically working towards bolstering the growth of the economy as a whole.

The Government of Dubai has funded the chamber to explore cutting-edge tools and technologies to steer the growth of the future. 

Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications, praised the Chamber of Digital Economy of Dubai’s contribution.

According to him, the Chamber has significantly increased the contribution of the digital infrastructure in multiplying the gross domestic product of Dubai. In a recent interview, he went ahead to state the upcoming initiatives the Chamber plans to enforce.

The Chamber is currently working towards strengthening the role of software companies by relaxing the stringent norms that they have to abide by otherwise.

Al Olama who is also the Chairman of the Chamber of Digital Economy, Dubai has assured the innovations which will promote the welfare of the people of Dubai. 

The leadership of Mr. Saeed Al Gergawi will benefit the organization in various ways. He has been the leader of Dubai Future Foundation, an organization that was formed to enhance the accessibility of business opportunities on an equitable basis.

In fact, he has also headed the Global Coders Initiative and the 1 Million Arab Coders Project. He has worked to establish a world-class infrastructure in Dubai to attract the establishment of Startups.

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He helped to create an ecosystem conducive to the growth of entrepreneurship. 

His vision has always been futuristic and innovative. Mr. Saeed Al Gergawi has played an active role in advising government agencies and entities to incorporate innovative solutions so as to increase efficiency and productivity.

Last but not the least, he has acted in the capacity of a Mission Strategist at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center for the Emirates Mars Mission. He has made a significant contribution to the Mars 2117 Programme as well. He also served as a director and led the program under his guidance. 

His leadership will definitely benefit the economy as a whole. The Chamber of Digital economy will now function under the vision of such a legendary personality. His experience will definitely enable the chamber to work with much more endeavor and enthusiasm. After taking up this responsibility, he has already reorganized the center and has arranged specific departments for every sector. This will help to develop the economy as a whole and increase the dependence on technology. 

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