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Dubai Chamber Of Digital Economy Discussed The Future Of AI & Software Development



Dubai Chamber Of Digital Economy Discussed The Future Of AI & Software Development

The United Arab Emirates hosted this year’s session of its regular digital industry workshop. The workshop was organized under the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, one of the three chambers that operate under the Dubai Chamber. The main focus of the workshop this year was the development of the software and artificial intelligence industry. 

The workshop organised by the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy was attended by experts from various sectors, like top executives, experts, business leaders, and entrepreneurs, to discuss the challenges and opportunities that the industry faces. 

The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Software development

Omar Sultan Al Olama, Chairman of the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, said that the digital economy has showcased remarkable growth which is two and a half times faster than the global GDP over the past twenty years. The aim of the UAE government is to unlock the full potential of the digital economy by providing ample opportunities.

The Future Of Artificial Intelligence And Software Development In UAE Dubai

He also added that the UAE government takes great effort to ensure that all the concerned parties get involved in paving a smooth way for the development of the digital industry. Moreover, the current initiatives, policies, and strategies taken by the government help to promote novelty and business friendliness necessary for all sectors.

Dubai has been seen to attract a number of software development professionals successfully as a result of the nation’s mission to achieve a desirable position for international digital investment and global tech talent.

The UAE government also plans to provide 100,000 golden visas to the best computer programming talent both inside and outside the nation as a means to achieve the nation’s goal.   

With the advancements made in several fields, including Resource and Energy, Logistics and Transport, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Cyber Security, UAE is aiming to grab the position as a global leader in artificial intelligence by the year 2031. 

The policies like the “UAE Digital Economy Strategy” intend to double the contributions made by the digital economy to the gross domestic product (GDP) of the UAE. It is anticipated that within the next ten years, the contributions made would increase the GDP to 19.4 percent. 

The Council that was held prior to the workshop also discussed the adoption of AI technologies as a means to develop digital services. The council that was held at the Ministry of Finance in Dubai was attended by various council members of the UAE to analyze the development of digital services in the country. 

In addressing the Council, the Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications, Omar Sultan Al Olama, stated that the UAE government will always remain committed to improving operational frameworks, establishing practical solutions to challenges, with an ultimate goal to accelerate the growth of the digital economy.

The key accomplishments and the progress that the sub-committees of the council have made were also reviewed by the Council.  All the members mentioned the strategies they have adopted as a means to foster artificial intelligence in all fundamental areas possible.  

The primary focus of the council was on establishing artificial intelligence as a fundamental working tool and also an important tool in all digital transactions, including transportation, logistics, healthcare, energy, tourism, and natural resources. Thus the UAE aims to utilize artificial intelligence in government entities by developing AI in the field of customer service so as to advance the performance of the legislative system.     

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   The committee also introduced a guideline to adopt artificial intelligence in government services. The guideline will provide assistance and create awareness among government entities about artificial intelligence. This will eventually help to leverage the adoption of artificial intelligence among government services. 

Besides, the committee had a talk about the development of an advanced tool to measure the level of maturity of artificial intelligence in government agencies. 

The tool will help to analyze the current status, to analyze the primary challenges, to establish artificial intelligence objectives, requirements, and suggestions that are vital to the growth of the use of artificial intelligence in the government sector.

The lengthy list of efforts connected to the introduction of AI to government services was also discussed under the leadership of Mohammed bin Taliah, a member of the Government Services Committee. The list presented was a long one with more than 140 initiatives that are developed with the purpose of disseminating knowledge and increasing competitiveness among government services. 

Every effort taken by the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy aims to assist the UAE in achieving its ambitious goal and thus helping the nation to secure its position as a global leader in artificial intelligence and software development. 

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