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Dubai Customs Hits A Record Of 7 Million Transactions In The First Quarter Of 2023



Dubai Customs Hits A Record Of 7 Million Transactions In The First Quarter Of 2023

Dubai customs has hit a new record with a massive increase in transactions in the first three months of 2023. The customs announced that the total transactions so far this year have crossed 7 million.

This increase points towards the growth of the foreign trade sector in Dubai to support the goals of the Dubai Economic Agenda D33.

Dubai is on its way to being the fastest-growing city in the world with the support of smart projects

The Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, announced the Dubai Economic Agenda D33.

It was launched to double the economy of Dubai over the next ten years. Thereby helping to transform the status of the nation as one of the top three economic cities in the world.

Dubai Is On Its Way To Being The Fastest-Growing City In The World With The Support Of Smart Projects

The Director General of Dubai Customs, Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, who is also the CEO of the Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation of Dubai said that the first quarter of 2023 has seen a record increase in customs transactions with more than 7 million transactions recorded so far. 

The projects and smart services provided by Dubai Customs will help to attract more businesses and investments in the commercial sector with its capacity to improve business operations, automate customs procedures and boost returns on commercial activities. All these projects and services will support the city in its journey to be the fastest-growing city in the world.

The customs of Dubai give much importance to frequent communication and interaction with its customers. This policy is underlined in the consultative council’s first meeting which was held this year. The meeting ensured participation from trade representatives and business groups to discuss the objectives of the Dubai Economic Agenda.

A Ramadan get-together was also conducted for the clients to discuss ideas and opinions to utilize the commercial sector as one of the most significant economic resources of Dubai. 

To combat counterfeit goods and to defend intellectual property rights, Dubai Customs has increased its efforts. The department of the government has handled about 112 cases of intellectual property complaints within the first three months of 2023.

It consisted of 9.6 million counterfeit goods which makes up a total value of AED 28.85 million. The government department also carried out 24 recycling processes involving 43.78 thousand counterfeit products as part of its ongoing recycling operation of counterfeit goods. 

Apart from those actions, Dubai Customs has run three awareness campaigns to raise awareness about the risks and dangers of counterfeit goods. These initiatives ensured the participation of about 91 participants and were presented at eleven school and university events, two community events and five customs and administration centre events. 

Dubai Customs has also arranged three workshops in collaboration with trademark owners and the department has also registered 86 commercial agencies and 91 trademarks.  

The reports on seizures show that in the initial months of 2023, the customs of Dubai made about 502 seizure reports. These actions were taken as a part of its commitment towards safeguarding the community and the local economy and fostering stability and security as a first step of defence for society. 

Dubai customs functions to strengthen the country’s position as a major international business and commercial hub by contributing to an attractive investment environment

These efforts are supportive of the leadership’s instructions to increase the nation’s position on global competitiveness indices and to improve the stature of the country in all fields. 

In the sector of innovation, 25 creative employees with disabilities have been awarded for their novel ideas and solutions demonstrated during the month of innovation. These recognitions mark its dedication to fostering an innovative work culture in the customs sector.

As a means to enhance the position of Dubai Customs as a pioneer in promoting innovation in the international and local customs industry, more than ten initiatives were planned and handled at the departmental and customs centre levels.

Dubai customs has been acclaimed as the first customs reference in innovation in the world. It has been benchmarked by the three other customs including the South Korean Customs, New Zealand Customs and Abu Dhabi to take advantage of its innovative experience, expertise and skills in transforming novel ideas into concrete reality. 

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During the first quarter of this year, the department has effectively targeted about 17,500 positive effects through 67 volunteering and community initiatives. This was achieved as a part of its annual strategy to promote the launch of initiatives in sustainable development. 

With the assistance of the training centres of Dubai customs, 740 training courses, both online and in person were provided during the first three months of the year.

A wide variety of topics like data science, security, artificial intelligence, information technology, leadership development, dealing with people of determination, human resources, customer service, general administrative skills, innovation, occupational safety and health, inspection, SIMFOX simulation system for training inspectors in scanning devices and many other workshops on public awareness were covered under these courses.    

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