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Dubai International Airport Holds First Position For Being The Busiest Airport



Dubai International Airport Holds First Position For Being The Busiest Airport

Dubai is emerging as a global destination for tourism over the years. The efforts of the Government in Dubai are oriented towards making Dubai, an international leader in multiple spheres. It has been because of these efforts that Dubai has been crowned as the most popular destination for tourists for 2023 by TripAdvisor recently.

It is evident from the fact that the Dubai International Airport has also been adjudged as the busiest international airport in the world for the ninth consecutive time.

This shows that people from around the world are willing to travel to Dubai. All of this has been due to the efforts of the Dubai Government to develop tourism and business in the country.

The Dubai International Airport has been a leader for the past 9 years

The Dubai International Airport has almost doubled its passenger traffic, 70% of which is attributed to international passengers and the remaining 30% represents domestic passengers. According to the officials, it is a milestone achievement for the country after the pandemic.

The Dubai International Airport has been a leader for the past 9 years

The Dubai International Airport is likely to experience an exponential increase in the footfall of international passengers by the end of 2023 as strategic international events are taking place in Dubai.

In addition to being the busiest international airport, the Dubai International Airport has also been successful enough to provide world-class infrastructure and facilities to travelers. 

The Airport Council International Authority released the rankings for the world-busiest airports. The list was topped by Dubai. Various countries such as London, Amsterdam, Paris, and Istanbul have followed Dubai in terms of entertaining passenger traffic.

According to Luis Felipe, who is the Director General of the Airport Council International Authority, the international bodies are striving to improve the magnitude of global air traffic.

In fact, there has been a revolutionary growth in the number of passengers 2022 who have travelled after the pandemic.

He further stated that they expect the full recovery to match the pre-pandemic statistics by the end of 2024

The Dubai International Airport itself forecasts the monthly passenger figures to reach 7.5 million in the next six months.

According to the sources, the Dubai International Airport, has itself catered to almost 7 billion international passengers in 2022. This is technically 53.5% more than the figures of 2021 and 73.8% more than the figures for 2022.

Dubai has welcomed travelers from neighboring Middle Eastern Countries, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom. In fact, Dubai has recently tied up with many international airlines to increase the number of flights to and from Dubai. This has elevated the accessibility of passengers to travel to Dubai from various destinations.

The statistics reveal that the Dubai International Airport managed around 66.1 million international passengers in 2020. The present figure surpasses the 7-billion mark. The year 2022 has proved to be the most productive year after the pandemic to reinforce and pull back international demand. 

There are many reasons why the number of international passengers arriving in Dubai has been increasing. Firstly, Dubai is hosting many international events such as COP28 and Dubai Airshow by the end of 2023.

Additionally, various cricket tournaments have been organized in the country since the last year. Secondly, the Dubai Government is actively investing to boost the infrastructure so as to attract more tourists to the country.

It has devised guidelines to simplify the process of visa issuance. The tourists enjoy unlimited and unconditional access to all the pivotal locations in Dubai.

Thirdly, the Government of Dubai is aiming to strategically improve the quality and efficiency of government services for the betterment of the residents of the country.

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In addition, the Dubai International Airport ranks fifth in terms of being the busiest airport of the world. According to the existing numbers, the airports in the United States of America have been the busiest airports in the world.

All of these rankings have been based on the global data that has been collected from all the airports around the world. The Airports Council International Authority has considered the domestic and the international markets cumulatively in order to prepare these indices. 

Paul Griffiths, who is the chief executive of Dubai Airports, has applauded the recent initiatives undertaken by the Dubai Government to develop the economy of the country.

According to him, the rising number of international passengers depicts the trust and confidence of international passengers in the hospitality of Dubai.

The Dubai International Airport offers numerous facilities in order to ensure hassle-free and smooth travel for individuals. This is the biggest achievement of the country so far.

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