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Dubai International Named 2022 “Airport Of The Year” Award



Dubai International Named 2022 Airport Of The Year Award

 The 2022 Aviation Business Awards has been announced and the “Airport of the Year” award has been won by Dubai International (DXB). It was chosen because of its continuous top-grade performance in the last year. Paul Griffiths, the CEO of Dubai Airports received the award at a function conducted at the Grosvenor House, Dubai on December 8.

According to estimates, a total of twenty-eight million passengers arrived at Dubai International in the first six months of 2022 and this was a threefold increase from the numbers of last year. The DXB could give top-notch service to all the passengers and all of the passengers had a very comfortable travel experience at the airport. 

DXB was chosen as the winner in the category based on its “unrivaled performance”

Since the lifting of travel restrictions, air traffic has increased worldwide and this has been reflected in the number of people arriving at Dubai International too. The last quarter of 2022 is also seeing a huge influx because of multiple reasons like the FIFA world cup, Christmas and New Year celebrations, Gitex Tech Expo, Dubai shopping festival, etc.

DXB was chosen as the winner in the category based on its unrivaled performance

Dubai Airport has always been a pioneer in maintaining quality service and sustainable resources. Dnata has also been named the Ground Support Services Provider of the Year for the third consecutive time. Jaffar Dawood, Dnata’s Senior Vice President for UAE Airport Operations said that Dnata has always been there to serve people with the best of facilities.

It has been expanding its business worldwide and offering its services to almost 120 airports that include new cargo centers in the UK, London, Iraq, and Erbil. Dnata is using cutting-edge technologies and digitization to create a more efficient system.

OneCargo is one such initiative by Dnata which is an advanced digital e-commerce platform and they are also planning to introduce drones into warehouses for handling the logistics. 

Dubai international has been one of the most innovative airports in the world. The total passenger inflow to the airport has been projected at 64.3 million by the end of this year. The post covid phase has been immensely successful for the UAE as the tourism sector has been seeing a revival from the pandemic period.

Griffiths lauded the airport staff and maintenance crew for their loyalty to the company and how they are working round the clock to keep the “machine well-oiled”. Till September, the airport traffic was recorded at 46.34 million passengers. DXB is also planning to set up sustainable energy models throughout the infrastructure to promote zero-emission policies as part of the 2050 vision of the UAE administration.   

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As far as the economy is concerned, the UAE is surging ahead of most of the other nations as the GDP growth has been very reassuring. Their non-oil growth is also improving year after year and this trend is set to continue through next year too. The tourism, tech, and transport services in Dubai have been in a transition stage where new and advanced innovations are incorporated with sustainable development.

Airports, Road transport, and water transport are the three main services in Dubai that offer convenient travel options for visiting tourists and residents. The UAE has also introduced multiple residential visa plans to encourage investments and new talents to come to the UAE.

They have laid out a global economic hub that focuses on fresh ideas and budding innovators to make a mark in the UAE entrepreneurial sector. 

Recently, the FIFA world cup happening in Qatar has been drawing a lot of tourists to Dubai as people are planning to spend their Christmas and New Year also in Dubai. The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) is another major global attraction that will be starting on December 15 and it will be attended by people from all over the world.         

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