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Dubai Is An Incredible Story; Idris Elba Talks Dubai’s ‘Oscar’ Status



Dubai Is An Incredible Story; Idris Elba Talks Dubai's 'Oscar' Status

Actor and UN Goodwill Ambassador Idris Elba says that Dubai has a wonderful talent for telling a fascinating tale. In his definition of Dubai as a top tourist destination, Elba highlighted the city’s compelling narrative that invites visitors to come and experience it. He went so far as to say that Dubai’s success in the tourism industry is comparable to a movie and deserving of an Oscar.

Dubai tourism story could win an Oscar, says Idris Elba

Idris Elba, an actor, and UN Goodwill Ambassador spoke about Dubai at a session at the World Government Summit that was led by Hollywood director Jeffrey Katzenberg on Tuesday.

Elba praised Dubai as a stunning location with exceptional tourist attractions, he stated that the city has an amazing history to share. And also revealed that he would be participating in the following weekend’s Elrow dance festival in Dubai.

Dubai tourism story could win an Oscar, says Idris Elba

Elba and his wife, model, actor, and presenter Sabrina Elba, were in Dubai to accept the Time Magazine Impact Award for their efforts as UN Goodwill Ambassadors, which included advancing sustainable farming and climate action.

He underlined during the conference that nations like the United States, the United Kingdom, and China have successfully integrated the creative arts business, which has led to a significant increase in both the economy and employment. He pointed out that the creative arts industry is practically future-proof and has the potential to be a significant source of revenue.

Many Middle Eastern nations are turning to tourism and setting high goals for visitor arrivals as they seek to diversify their economies away from reliance on the oil industry.

From the 14.36 million international overnight visitors it welcomed in 2022, Dubai intends to welcome 40 million hotel guests by 2031, increasing tourism’s contribution to the national gross domestic product to $122 billion annually.

By 2030, Saudi Arabia hopes to welcome more than 100 million tourists yearly under its Vision 2030 plan, whereas Qatar aims to host six million tourists after hosting the great success of the FIFA World Cup.

Elba said that another method for countries to support the creative arts sector is to establish policies, advisory boards, and task teams.

During his appearance at the World Government Summit in Dubai, Elba emphasized the need for destinations to adopt policies to support the creative arts industry and integrate it into the economy, which he believes can also boost tourism. He highlighted the success of Greece’s tax rebates and incentives for film and television production during a period of the financial crisis as an example.

Although it should be noted that, as per Skift’s investigation, Elba is not a paid representative for Dubai at the moment. Katzenberg talked about how two movies, the 1994 animated feature “The Lion King” and the 1985 live-action film “Out of Africa” with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, were instrumental in fostering the expansion of the African tourism business.

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 Katzenberg remarked that the growth of tourism as a key economic force in Africa is primarily attributable to the persuasiveness of good storytelling and beautiful visuals that compelled viewers to visit the locations depicted in motion pictures.

While many Middle Eastern locations have turned to sports to draw tourists, the United Arab Emirates has also become a favorite location for Hollywood movies, aiding in the country’s development as a tourist destination.

The most well-known films made in the nation include Mission Impossible — Ghost Protocol, Syriana, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Dune. The Dune sequel, starring Zendaya and Timothee Chalamet, was the most recent to wrap up production in Abu Dhabi.

According to a previous Skift piece, Middle Eastern destinations are likewise looking to celebrity endorsements to provide strong triggers for travelers’ decision-making.

Dubai has indeed become a major destination for tourists from around the world

Because of its gorgeous architecture, first-rate shopping, and luxurious resorts and hotels, Dubai has in fact grown to be a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world.

Through programs like Dubai Expo 2020, which aims to present the newest technologies and ideas from around the world, Dubai has also made substantial efforts to market itself as a global center for business, trade, and innovation.

Dubai has earned various prizes and honors for its tourism and hospitality industry, including being voted the world’s leading destination at the World Travel Awards for a number of years in a row, even if it may not be eligible for an Oscar.

Dubai’s success as a travel destination and a hub for international commerce is a testament to its capacity to captivate audiences and provide distinctive experiences to tourists from all over the world.

Both actor Idris and Hollywood director Jeffrey Katzenberg at the summit discussed how movies affect travel while also pointing out how strongly Middle Eastern destinations have relied on sports to attract tourists. Dubai is establishing itself as a top destination for both leisure and business travelers because of its expanding tourism sector.

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