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Dubai Metro Service Time Extended For World Cup 2022



Dubai Metro Service Time Extended For World Cup 2022

 The Dubai metro has released new timetables for its metro service keeping in mind the FIFA world cup match schedules. Now, the last metro will be available after forty-five minutes of matches getting over. This will be helpful for a lot of people traveling back to their residences in the early hours of the morning after the matches.

This new timetable will be adding an extra one and a half hours to the total working time of Dubai Metro. The metro services will be available till 2:30 a.m. on all weekdays except Saturday and Sunday when it will be available till 1:00 a.m.

Dubai RTA Announces Extend The Service Hours

The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has made this decision as the remaining matches would be important ones and fans can enjoy them without being tense about their return travel. 

Dubai RTA Announces Extend The Service Hours

The Dubai authorities had been preparing early for managing the huge influx of tourists during the FIFA season and for this purpose they had expanded their transportation systems by maintaining around 12,000 taxis, 1,300 metro trips, ferries, and extra bus routes.

RTA had to do detailed research into the real-time traffic of Dubai to organize the traveling strategies for transporting people to and from the matches. World-class facilities at affordable rates are another specialty of Dubai public transportation as they leave no stone unturned to give both the tourists and residents a top-notch experience during their stay.

The middle-east especially Qatar and UAE had been in the spotlight for quite some time after the announcement of FIFA being conducted in Qatar was out in 2010. 

Even after the pandemic phase, UAE could make up for the economic blockade it faced for two years in a row. The Emirates nation managed it better than most of the other developed or western nations because of their relentless spirit of being open to new and innovative ideas.    

They are diversifying their economy focusing on non-oil sectors also to generate income. Tourism is one of the major sectors in this category and the FIFA season has accelerated the tourist influx into the Emirate. People are hoping to spend their Christmas and New year too in Dubai after FIFA.

The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) is also another tourist attraction that will keep the city occupied till January of next year. RTA has been creating progressive campaigns throughout Dubai as part of the sustainability goal of the UAE. It hopes to make all its public transportation a zero emission by the year 2050.

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It will be replacing the traditional diesel and petrol vehicles with electric and hydrogen options. According to reports, the transition into green energy-based fuel systems can stop around eight million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions and save up $817.4 by the year 2050. 

This can be emulated as a global model for public transportation systems around the world as we are facing the threat of global warming and ice cap meltings. RTA has always been in the forefront of innovation and under the efficient leadership of crown prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, it continues to be a progressive institution in the public sector.

The FIFA world cup has brought in new opportunities for the UAE to showcase its hosting skills as it is considered to be one of the world’s finest tourist destinations and also a global hub where people from all places are welcome. 2023 looks to be a hopeful year for UAE as a lot of projects are in the bag that aims to push the Emirates into the world’s most sought-after countries list.                                         

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