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Dubai Metro: Service Disrupted Due To Technical Issues



due to technical issues Dubai Metro services disrupted

The Roads and Transports Authority (RTA) notified that the Dubai Metro had been struck with some technical issues. This announcement was made on Wednesday evening. The passengers were offered buses to carry on with their commute

Buses were arranged for people who were stuck on the scene

The technical issue was caused at the Max Station near Zabeel Park. The station falls on Metro’s Red Line. Due to a technical problem, the authority has issued a warning that services at the Max Metro Station would be disrupted in both directions.

Dubai Metro service hit by technical issues, bus replacement offered

The advisory also mentioned that passengers who faced troubles due to this technical issue of the metro were offered buses to carry on with their conveyance.

Such delays and issues are nowadays being reported. A very similar issue was reported last week, but the Roads and Transports Authority was able to solve the issue within an hour. On the 10th of May, Wednesday, the Dubai RTA alerted passengers about an interruption in the metro services at the Dubai Metro’s GGICO station.

It was notified to the public in a tweet that reads a technical problem had been detected at the station on the Red Line. The authorities issued public buses to move the passengers whose destinations were Centrepoint and Expo2020 Metro Stations.

Another temporary delay was observed on the 12th of May, Friday, for the services at Red Line. RTA released a statement saying that the issues that caused these delays were solved and services resumed stating everything is back to normal.

However, delays by a few minutes were observed as the train traveled from one station to another. The passengers reported that the disruption started around 9:30 am. Authorities worked on the issue immediately and the services were back to normal by 10:28 am. The delays were announced through the Metro’s public address system. 

This recent delay happened yesterday evening from the Max Station. The passengers were helped to continue their journey by offering buses for them. The Roads and Transports Authority took it to Twitter and shared the whereabouts.

Dubai Metro is integral to the residents of these emirates. This public transport has carried over 2 billion residents since its launch on the 9th of September 2009. But this metro almost did not launch as the officials did not support the decision to launch it.

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It was revealed by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum through a tweet back in 2019. He was proud of the accomplishment that Dubai has achieved that once was deemed impossible.

The first milestone of serving a billion people was attained just 8 years after its launch. The Roads and Transports Authority revealed that the Metro’s Red Line ferried 1.342 billion commuters and the Green Line ferried 673.531 million passengers.  With 129 trains traveling through 53 stations, Dubai Metro serves over 600,000 passengers daily. These metro services were recorded with a punctuality rate of 99.7 percent.

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