Dubai Become World’s Most Popular Travel Destination On TikTok Study  

Dubai Become World's Most Popular Travel Destinations On Tiktok Study  

Dubai: Dubai is a global travel destination, that attracts millions of tourists with its unique features. The invasion of social media influenced the renowned of Dubai across the world. Now Dubai named the most-viewed tourist destination on TikTok mobile application with more than 92.3 billion views. 

Burj Khalifa, Atlantis, palm, etc. are the features that attract visitors from across the world. The FIFA world cup and winter break will make a surge in the number of visitors to the country. Various health insurance schemes were introduced by the daman to the visitors.

The benefits of insurance will be only for the visitors who came to watch the world cup. Based on the study conducted on video clips in July, Tik Tok video clips in Dubai got the most views and sharing. And also ranked by the Tik Tok travel index 2022  as the most popular destination in the world. 

Popular Travel Destinations

In the ranking, Dubai is taking the first position. Barcelona came in second with 61.3 billion views by its tourist hotspots like basilica de la Sagrada Familia and Camp Nou stadium, home of Barcelona FC. The third place went to the United Kingdom capital of London with 42.7 billion viewers of its own features such as art and cultural landmarks, museums, architecture, parks, and green spaces.

Although London recorded the top number of Instagram users. More than 158 million posts are tagged from the country on social media. This is not the first time Dubai performing well in the travel sector. 

Dubai was also selected as the third-spot global destination for Gen Z traveling. The UK ranked first, and Barcelona came just ahead with 7.26. Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin, Rome, Milan, and Bangkok are following the list. Dubai’s tourism sector was hit by COVID-19. But now Dubai became one of the top city we can travel safely on vacations. Dubai settled with its pleasure to safeguard its tourism sector well.  The number of travelers increasing year by year according to the index of government. TikTok is a social media app for creating, discovering, and sharing short videos.

It has an age limit of 13 years old. Users can sign up with their email, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook accounts. Starting and  Maintaining a personal account in TikTok is not much expensive, however, it did not need a large amount of cost to surge it. Uploading videos on these kinds of social media websites get a wide reach across the world. Contents about travel places are more interesting than any kind of video.

Visitors used to watch these kinds of videos to know about their features. Visitors are attracted by the videos to visit that destination. Uploading videos with attractive sightseeing got more reach. People making videos that include their activities while they travel also entertain people. The advantage of short videos such as TikTok videos and Instagram reels is, that is less time-consuming and largely entertaining. People don’t have much time in this world.     

Attractions Of Dubai

  • Dubai fountain
  • Wild wadi waterpark in Jumeirah
  • Al Fahidi fort
  • The lost chambers aquarium at Atlantis
  • Dubai skydive
  • Ski lift at ski Dubai
  • Epic line of restaurants 

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