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Dubai Municipality’s Mobile Lab Conducts Over 2,000 Food Tests At Global Village



Dubai Municipality's Mobile Lab Conducts Over 2,000 Food Tests At Global Village

Dubai Municipality has recently reported that it has launched its mobile laboratory for food testing. The laboratory has been able to complete 2072 tests and analyze 518 food samples.

All of these targets were completed during the Global Village Season which was organized all the way from October 2022 to April 2023.

This was a massive achievement for the Board over the period of time. The objective behind this initiative is to provide good quality food during various events.

The Inspection is a part of the larger and more comprehensive Food safety campaign 

This is in line with the broader target of the Dubai government to enforce its commitment to providing safe food that adheres to global standards and improves the standard of living for the residents and visitors of Dubai.

Modern food laboratories are one of the most strategic investments of the Dubai Government. It employs state-of-the-art infrastructure and rapid technologies that help to conduct various types of innovative microbiological tests of food products.

The Inspection is a part of the larger and more comprehensive Food safety campaign 

The results are instant, quick, and accurate. This helps to keep a check on the quality of the food that is distributed for public consumption during the engaging events. The Dubai Municipality even conducted these inspections during the Holy month of Ramadan.

This campaign will be helpful to ensure the highest standards of food safety and reduce the extent of commercial fraud and cheating. 

The campaign has been launched to focus on different types of aspects of food safety. It empowers the authorities to exercise control of the commercial centres and the food complexes.

Regular inspections and site visits are conducted to check consumable products such as nuts, juices, frozen and dairy products, dates, and sweets.

The Dubai Government made it mandatory for all retailers and wholesalers to get their products testified from the food testing laboratories before displaying the same on their shelves in their shops. 

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In addition, the program also aims to educate consumers about the need to stay conscious of various malpractices happening around them. The Government has been trying to spread awareness about the importance of reading the labels on commercial packages.

In fact, various helpline numbers are also being put into operation so as to enable consumers to file a complaint against any fraudulent practice.

The Government has been able to promise strict compliance with the rules and regulations and has specified the punishments for these alleged misconducts. These guidelines act as a deterrent to food business operators from indulging in any conduct which inflicts harm and injuries to the human body.

The Government of Dubai is very particular about protecting the health of the consumers and saving them from such malpractices. The President of Dubai envisions creating a healthy workforce that can actively contribute to the growing economy of the country. This will help to raise the standards of Dubai in part with the international standards. 

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