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Dubai Police Arrest 319 Beggars Since Mid-march



Dubai Police Arrest 319 Beggars Since Mid-march

The police department of Dubai has arrested 319 beggars comprising 167 males and 152 females, across various regions of the emirate.

This arrest was the result of the effective work ethic of the Dubai Police towards their Anti-Begging Policy which was launched in the earlier half of March 2023.

Authorities warn the public to not heed Beggar’s calls for compassion

The Police department is trying its best to not let the sympathy and charity of the public be exploited. Especially during the season of Ramadan, there was a very visible spike in the number of beggars across the Emirate.

Authorities warn the public to not heed Beggar's calls for compassion

Since the startling news of finding a beggar hiding over 300,000 Dirhams in their artificial limb last year, Dubai Police were amping up their forces to combat begging during the holy month of Ramadan.

The Director of the General Department of Criminal Investigations, Major General Jamal Salem Al Jallaf, said that Begging is a false idea of compassion.

He also declared the aims of the Anti-Begging campaign. This campaign targets reducing the number of beggars and street peddlers who make use of the public’s feelings and sense of sympathy. It also ensures the utmost levels of safety and security.

Major General Jamal Salem Al Jallaf reported that among the beggars arrested 9 of them were detained during the Eid Al Fitr holidays.

Mr. Al Jallaf defined begging as something that threatens the sense of security of society and something that will adversely affect the country’s image. He also said that begging can be used as an effective facade to lure kind people and conduct thefts and robberies, exploit children, the sick, and people of determination for unethical selfish gains.

He highlighted the fact that there are official entities, associations, and charities available for underprivileged people whom they can seek financial assistance from.

He also warned the public that begging is a crime and a punishable offense and individuals found guilty will be prosecuted under Federal Law No. 9 of 2018 concerning combatting begging.

The Major General warned the public not to heed the calls of agony from the beggars as they might lure and exploit your kindness. The public is expected to stay aware of this fact and not show pity or sympathy for their appearance. The citizens are encouraged to report any beggars through the call center (901) or by using the ‘Police Eye’ feature available on the Dubai Police Smart Application.

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He also gave an admonition against being a victim of electronic messages that are fraudulent which are from offenders who beg through social media platforms and emails. He guided the public not to pay attention to such messages and immediately report such messages through the e-Crime platform,

According to the Federal Law No. 9 of 2018 on Anti-Begging, The offenders will be punished with a minimum penalty of AED 5000 and will have to face a jail term of up to 3 months.

The organized teams who are mass recruiting people from different nations for begging in UAE will have to face the penalties of 100,000 AED and a minimum 6 months of imprisonment

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