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Dubai Police Provide Over Dhs 11 Million In Financial And In-kind Support To Inmates



Dubai Police Provide Over Dhs 11 Million In Financial And In-kind Support To Inmates

The Humanitarian Care Department of the Dubai Police has launched a new initiative. According to this initiative, the Dubai Police would be distributing over Dhs 11 million in cash and kind to the inmates of the Dubai prison.

This financial aid has been collected from various charitable organizations who have volunteered ahead in this initiative. This assistance is provided to the inmates to support their families who are not in a position to sustain themselves without the inmate.

The Dubai Police conducted extensive research to look for all the inmates who need such support. This initiative has been applauded by Amnesty International so far as it is a great step for boosting the quality of life of inmates. 

The Dubai Police has taken into accord all the internal and external issues of the inmates

Captain Habib Al Zarouni, head of the Humanitarian Care Department, has confirmed in a recent interview that this initiative will improve the quality of life of the inmates and their families.]

This is in line with the objective of the Dubai Government to enhance the quality of government services to bring Dubai’s governance to par with International standards. The initiative wants to deliver holistic facilities to the inmates to ensure the long-term well-being of the nation. 

The Dubai Police has taken into accord all the internal and external issues of the inmates

The financial aid that has been provided to the inmates allows these inmates to pay for the rent of their families. The amount has been distributed in proportion to the requirements of the inmates. Some of them have been paid additional allowances to support the education of their children.

Additionally, medical stipends are also granted to the inmates so that they can pay for their expenses such as medical check-ups, surgeries, pathological testing, childbirth expenses for female inmates, and much more.

Special allowances will also be provided for sponsoring the recreational activity of the inmates and their family members. Funds have also been released for supporting the family holidays, trips, clothing, and expenses on personal hygiene. 

Brigadier Marwan Abdul Karim Jalfar who is the director of the General Department of Punitive and Correctional Institutions has acknowledged the need to have such mechanisms in the government. The Dubai Police has always punished and convicted the culprits in proportion to the wrong they have done so far.

However, the policy of the Government has always been the rehabilitation of inmates to reintegrate them back into society. The Police Department has decided to train the inmates and improve their skills over the period while they serve their sentences.

Special programs have been launched to provide an opportunity for the inmates to hone their skills in technology, media, and medicine.

In addition, educational courses have been introduced to enable the inmates to complete their education so far. 

Various officers have come forward to lead this initiative so far. They are working hard to think of innovative ways to support the families of the inmates.

The program is all about the distribution of financial and non-financial incentives to the inmates so that they can support their families.

The family of the inmates have time and again expressed their gratitude towards the organizers of this initiative.

The Government of Dubai has so far assisted 10 million inmates. This has considerably improved the quality of life of the family of the inmates and made them self-reliant so that they do not get subsumed under the poverty line. Government support has assisted families in the fulfillment of their basic needs and necessities over the period. 

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Different organizations have come forward to help the inmates. Various charitable institutions have come forward to contribute to this fund. Many corporates and multinational companies, as a part of their corporate social responsibility, have deposited funds for the development of this initiative.

The inmates while serving their sentence in the prison lose the capacity and ability to support their families. Their families languish in poverty and suffer to a great extent.

They are unable to make up for their expenses and are forced to commit offenses and crimes for earning their daily bread.

According to a report by a non-profit organization, there is a 75% probability for the families of the inmates to commit offenses. They are driven by the urge to support their families.

To mitigate such crimes, there is a need to encourage such initiatives that assist the inmates to sponsor the expenses of their families.

This keeps their family satisfied and they do not indulge in crimes. The Dubai Police aims to launch more programs in the future to develop an ecosystem of growth. This will improve the lives of the inmates when they are released from prison. 

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