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Ramadan 2023:Dubai Police To Provide 90,000 Iftar Meals



dubai police distributes iftar meals in uae

Dubai Police has recently launched an initiative that aims to serve meals to all motorists on the road. The authorities have prepared as many as 90,000 meals during the first 10 days of Ramadan and distributed the same to the motorists and drivers on the traffic signals.

The objective behind this move is to deter motorists from flouting the traffic rules during the Holy month of Ramadan. The statistics have proven that the number of road accidents increases drastically during the month of Ramadan as the bikers and motorists are in a rush to reach their homes for iftar. The latest move aims to feed them amidst the travel itself. 

The meals were prepared by the Dubai Police. The Traffic Police Department of Dubai had already cited numerous instances where passengers have ended up committing serious offenses during this ‘Ramadan Rush’. The authorities in Dubai want the residents of the country to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan with compassion, love, and care. Therefore, the Government is taking every possible step to avoid such embarrassing and unfortunate incidents during Ramadan in order to uphold the sanctity of the religion. 

This Initiative to serve meals to motorists is part of a campaign to have a safer Ramadan

The Police officers have been an eyewitness to numerous unwanted and haphazard accidents in the country during the month of Ramadan. People are usually in a hurry during the evening to reach their homes and relish their iftar with their families.

Ramadan in Dubai Police to give away 11000 Iftar meals

Therefore, they often overspend themselves, drive recklessly without maintaining a safe distance between the vehicles, and fail to follow lane discipline. Since they are very tired, hungry, and anxious to get back to their homes, they end up overtaking vehicles and overtaking the red signals. Such conduct not only results in violating the traffic rules but also puts the safety of all the vehicles on the road at stake. 

In fact, the Dubai Police has acknowledged that around 47 accidents were recorded during the Ramadan of 2022. Three people were killed and the remaining were badly injured. Therefore, the Dubai Police took the initiative to serve these motorists meals during their journey itself so that they do not breach the traffic rules or become a victim of any uncalled road accidents.

The police department has also advised all motorists to park their vehicles at a safe place to offer their prayers before having an iftar. Muslims usually offer their prayers after hearing the call for the maghrib prayer.

Therefore, all those who hear the call can park their vehicles, offer their prayers, and have the meals distributed by the police. After having the meals, most motorists will not overspeed Or break any rules. This will allow the motorists to reach home safely. This disruption in the journey is very important for the safety of the people on the road. 

This is part of a broader campaign to raise awareness among the people. According to Al Hammadi, who is the Superintendent of the Police Department in Dubai, Ramadan is a holy month and it has to be celebrated with a huge amount of pomp and show. It is a sacred month and such incidents damage the emotions of a lot of people.

He further went ahead to state that delay is always better than injury. In fact, the Dubai Police has also decided to prepare 11,000 meals for the laborers so that they can enjoy a four-square meal during Ramadan. Ramadan bolsters the feelings of togetherness and fraternity among the countrymen. Therefore, it is the duty of every follower of Islam to upload such emotions at every cost. 

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The latest move to offer meals to motorists has been applauded throughout the world. The Government of Dubai is succeeding in its objective to elevate Dubai’s global position. All of these efforts aim towards providing better government services to the citizens so that their quality of life can be improved.

The initiative to distribute the meals would definitely promote the culture of Islam. This move will encourage building trust and confidence between the government officials and the countrymen. This will ultimately promote better stability. 

According to the officials, there is a need to educate the residents of Dubai to observe the traffic rules with sincerity. This will be helpful to reduce the number of accidents in the long run as well. The Government of Dubai is dedicated to introducing such measures so the safety of the public is not compromised at all. These measures are definitely making Dubai, the best country to live in. 

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