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Dubai Receives 674,000 Medical Tourists From Across The World In 2022



Dubai Receives 674,000 Medical Tourists From Across The World In 2022

The Government of Dubai is leaving no stone unturned to holistically develop the nation to elevate its global position. The efforts of the Government are devoted to bolstering Dubai’s development to become a global hub. According to the report released by the Dubai Health Authority, Dubai witnessed incredible growth in medical tourism in 2022.

The number of medical tourists increased has increased to 674,000 in 2022. As a result, they have contributed Dh 992 million to the economy of Dubai. The President of Dubai has always envisioned improving the quality of the lives of the citizens by providing world-class medical infrastructure within the Emirates.

Therefore, Dubai has delivered high-quality, patient-centered medical aid to residents and ex-pats. Medial tourists primarily belong to the Asian regions. However, many medical tourists come from the countries like Europe, Members of the Arab and Gulf Cooperation, and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The Dubai Health Authority looks forward to collaborating with International health care institutions

Dubai has become the best destination for almost every kind of treatment. It is bestowed with the most talented medical professionals and para-medical staff. The Emirates has integrated advanced technical solutions to provide state-of-the-art treatment methods.

The Dubai Health Authority looks forward to collaborating with International health care institutions

Additionally, the Government has successfully regulated the cost of medical treatment and kept that below global prices. All of these factors have contributed to enhancing the sector’s global competitiveness.

The UAE has promised health safety, leading medical infrastructure, world-class treatments, and professional medical practitioners to patients. The Government of Dubai has always emphasized restructuring the medical health infrastructure within the country to benefit millions of people.

The objective behind these initiatives was to promote the well-being and welfare of the community. To enrich the medical infrastructure of Dubai, the Dubai Health Authority has partnered with the leading international institutions and research centers to establish the latest facilities in Dubai that could meet the growing demand for specialties. The growth in medical tourism has significantly contributed to boosting the country’s gross domestic product.

According to the statistics, there was a difference in the demand for medical tourists from different countries. All the medical tourists from Asia, Europe, and Africa visited Dubai to get plastic surgery, fertility treatments, orthopedics, ophthalmology, and kidney replacement treatments.

The hospitals in Dubai have been equipped with all the latest medical supporting devices and technical solutions for ensuring smoother hospitalization and speedier recovery.

The medical infrastructure of Dubai is technically advanced to offer cutting-edge facilities for the well-being of the patients. The Dubai Health Authority has focused on increasing the specialization of the country’s medical institutions to serve more patients over time.

In fact, with all these developments, Dubai has been included in the list of the world’s top three regions that offer the best services related to dermatology, dentistry, gynecology, orthopedics, fertility treatment, ophthalmology, and cancer.

These treatments attract the maximum number of Dubai Tourists from the regions specified. Dubai also enjoys the first rank in the Medical Tourism Index. Over the years, it has become the best Arabian destination for accessing medical facilities. Dubai is investing heavily in building medical institutions, multi-specialty hospitals, and wellness centers to provide sufficient medical facilities.

The President of Dubai has already announced plans to revamp the medical health infrastructure in Dubai, which would again help to encourage the growth of medical tourism in Dubai. The Dubai Government has entered into various public-private partnerships to boost its efforts to improve medical facilities.

The public and private institutions are coming together to provide world-class medical facilities to people across the region and the globe. These institutions are well-equipped with the latest technologies that help to offer the best medical treatments. Dubai has established its supremacy in serving the nation with the most useful medical facilities.

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The growth of medical tourism in Dubai is also attributed to the rising cost of medical facilities in the Asian and African regions. The average cost for curing a chronic illness in Dubai is 30-35% less than in other countries. In addition, the medical tourists in Dubai are served with many incentives and relaxation.

That is why most people especially from the Middle Eastern and the Arabian region, prefer to get themselves treated by Dubai. The Government of Dubai has launched various programs in order to further improve the quality of the medical infrastructure in the country. This is actually very essential in order to retain the trust and confidence reposed by the medical tourists in the efficiency of Dubai so far. 

These efforts of the Dubai Government have been applauded by various international organizations. They have acknowledged that Dubai has played a vital role in developing the medical infrastructure of Middle Eastern countries. It has reshaped the dynamics by relying on the latest smart solutions.

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