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Dubai Removed 30% Tax On Alcohol, Free For Liquor Licenses



Dubai Removed 30% Tax On Alcohol, Free For Liquor Licenses

Recently, Dubai revoked its 30% tax on alcohol sales and made liquor licenses free. On this new year’s beginning, which was on Sunday, Dubai came up with license-free liquor in the sheikhdom.

The tax on liquor was a long-standing revenue source for the ruling family in Dubai. It is said that the tax reduction on liquor for boosting tourism to the emirate.

The ruling Al Maktoum family believes the newly implemented tax reduction surely supports the flow of tourists to Dubai, which helps accelerate income.

A sudden New Year’s Day announcement by two state-linked liquor retailers in Dubai

This new year’s announcement was made by Dubai’s two state-linked alcohol retailers. The change in rule states that the individual must fall in the age range from 21 to drink alcohol legally in the UAE. Also, the person who drinks alcohol is only allowed to consume it either privately or in public places that are tagged to be licensed. 

New Year's Day announcement

From 1st January 2023, people in the Emirates can avail of personal liquor licenses, which are absolutely free to get for eligible persons. With all the rights, they can make a purchase of alcohol from any of the beverages in the UAE.

For purchasing alcohol legally in Dubai, all you need is a valid Emirates ID. On the other hand, tourists should hold a valid passport that makes them eligible for legally purchasing alcoholic beverages. 

The loosening regulations over liquor raised the income to a notable percentage even a day after the new implementation from the Al Maktoum ruling family. Now, in Dubai, alcohol sells even during the day and offers home delivery during the lockdowns. 

The Maritime and Mercantile International (MMI), the alcohol distributor, has opened up certain statements. They were the only team that started their operations in the UAE for centuries.

Tyrone Reid of MMI shared words favoring the updated regulation in Dubai. MMI is hopefully looking forward to the positive update ensuring the utmost safety in purchasing and consuming alcohol in the UAE. 

The upgraded move from the ruling family in Dubai was really unexpected. The government officials seemed to keep mum to the questions raised by the associated press. 

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The DCT policy points out certain conditions to be checked for alcoholic beverages that the beer should be free from artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors. Also, wine should not contain any trace of vinegar.

All alcoholic beverages should be prepared and bottled in clean environments following the safety measures and sanitary conditions in the UAE. Alcoholic drinks of any type must be packed in clean containers to protect them from damage and pollution. 

To ensure the safety of alcoholic beverages, all the information regarding the ingredients used for making such drinks, manufacturing standards, safety standards, shelf life, alcohol percentage, and each and every other detail are asked to print on the bottle label.

This highlights the safety and quality of the liquor products made available in the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai law underlines the point that non-Muslims residing in the UAE must be 21 and above to consume alcohol legally in the UAE.

The plastic cards issued by the Dubai police permit users to purchase and transport all alcoholic drinks in Dubai. People without plastic cards are not allowed to purchase alcohol and should face serious lawsuits, from fines to arrests. 

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