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Dubai: RTA Announces Driving License & Vehicle Registration Cards Delivery Within 2 Hours



Dubai announces driving license delivery within two hours

The Roads and Transports Authority (RTA) of Dubai have announced a new service where your renewed driving license and vehicle registration will be delivered within 2 hours. This speedy delivery service is available to the residents of Dubai. The announcements were shared via Twitter on the 16th of Tuesday.

The services are available through RTA’s Official website

RTA Dubai notified that the new services for dispatching driving license and registration cards will be within 2 hours in Dubai, But for residents of Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, the documents will be delivered on the same day. You also have the option to deliver the license and registration paper outside UAE too.

Dubai RTA introduces two-hour deliveries for driving licence and vehicle registration cards

Those who want to renew the documents can visit the Dubai Road and Transports Authority’s (RTA) website and opt for the option ‘Driver and Car Owner Services’. Under this section, you can choose ‘Apply for Renewing Driver’s License. To apply for renewal you might have to present certain details or documents so keep the Emirates ID and Driving License ready.

Complete the Identity verification by entering the Emirates ID number and the expiry date of the ID, which will proceed you to the verification of driving license information. After the verification process is complete you can select how would you prefer your documents to be dispatched.

After the verification and delivery preference are completed a new window will pop up with the cost for the services provided. There are 4 services provided; Premium, Same Day,  Standard, and International. Premium service is exclusively for Dubai, which will cost Dh 50 and the estimated delivery time is within 2 hours. The same Day delivery service is only for the residents of Abu Dhabi and Sharjah which will cost them 35 Dh and can expect the documents dispatched on the same day.

Standard services will be for other regions within UAE and might take up to five days costing you Dh 20. Services provided Internationally might take about 10 days for delivery time at a cost of Dh 50. Premium and Same Day delivery services will be available through the weekdays, from Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 12: 00 pm. The services are suspended afternoon.

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Last Month, the residents of Dubai were notified about the Golden Chance procedure for converting their driving license without the need for attending extra classes. This was a nice opportunity for light motor vehicle riders who are from other nations, where their licenses cannot be switched for a UAE document.

To access the Golden Chance test the applicants have to pay a fee of Dh 2,200, which will cover both the written test and the one-time road test too. However, in the occasion of applicants failing to pass the test are required to attend classes before reapplying. To apply for this special test one must have an Original Emirates ID, A Visa from Dubai, an Eye test report, and a valid driving license issued from a non-exempt country.

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