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Dubai RTA Honours 101 Drivers For Returning Lost And Found Items Worth Millions



Dubai RTA Honours 101 Drivers For Returning Lost And Found Items Worth Millions

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai has honoured 101 drivers for their honesty and model behaviour when dealing with lost and found items of high value during their duty time from 2022 January to 2023 March. This recognition is a tribute to the quick actions taken by the drivers in giving information about the found items to the concerned authorities. 

The quick action taken by the drivers enabled the authorities to return the items safely to their owners

The approach that the drivers took towards informing about the lost and found items added pleasure and delight to all those involved including the authorities and owners as it brought back their peace of mind. 

The quick action taken by the drivers enabled the authorities to return the items safely to their owners

The taxi drivers have discovered several items like cash and jewellery, which also included various valuable items. A black bag containing diamonds that costs worth AED 1 million, a total cash amount of AED 3.6 million, an expensive handbag and a watch worth $50,000, a plastic bag that contained gold valued at AED 200,000, cash of AED 183,000, a black bag with an amount of AED 200,000, a costly watch of $60,000 and AED 221,000 as cash were the other items found by them. 

The CEO of the Pubic Transport Agency, Ahmed Bahrozyan said that the reports revealing the details of the lost and found items by the drivers are a source of delight for everyone.

By showcasing values like integrity, responsibility, honesty and good manners they have themselves set an excellent example for the citizens to follow. 

Moreover, such kind of behaviour will give an opportunity to expose the true character of the people involved. Further, they will also help to create a positive image of the transport systems in Dubai, he said.

He added that the RTA will focus on recognising honourable drivers on a regular basis to encourage and recognise their integrity, high moral standards and admirable way of handling the money of others. They have presented a great impression of themselves and their profession which was evident from their performance.

The way of behaviour shown by the taxi drivers uplifts the standard of the emirate’s taxi service. This will also serve as evidence of the dedication that Dubai has towards its residents and guests in keeping with its position as the happiest city in the world. 

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The Public transport users in Dubai have responded by expressing their extreme happiness in receiving their lost items so quickly. They also showered the drivers with appreciation, gratitude and praise for their appreciable way of conduct.

This commendable behaviour shown by the drivers not only demonstrated their moral character but it will also enhance the positive atmosphere of their work, said the CEO. 

The Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai offers provisions for customers to report and find their lost items. The items lost and found in cabs are usually returned to the owners either directly or with the help of the Dubai Police, Dubai Airports and other organisations. 

If a customer loses his/her belongings in public transport, he/she can present a request to the RTA via the call centre. The customer needs to provide the details of the item, details of the trip and the contact number to claim the lost and found items. In case of finding a lost item, the customer can give it to the driver or to the customer service centre. 

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