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Dubai RTA Introduces e-NOC For Infrastructure Works



Dubai RTA Introduces e-NOC For Infrastructure Works Know More About e-NOC

The Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai has launched a new digital platform that makes use of the electric No-Objection Certificates (e NOC) system to issue clearance certificates to the infrastructure works that are done in the Right-of-Way. The platform aims at providing a final completion certificate to companies functioning under the infrastructure of Dubai.

By adopting automated services, RTA aims to strengthen the innovative efforts of Dubai in digital transformation.

By adopting automated services, RTA aims to strengthen the innovative efforts of Dubai in digital transformation

The electric No Objection Certificates thus obtained will help the customers to save their time and effort. Because the certificate validates that the project has been finished properly and enables them to obtain their financial dues related to the completion of the project.

All About E-NOC

In a comparison with the former method of conventional processing, the digital processing of the service has showcased a noteworthy performance, which is 30 percent faster than the previous one.   Customer satisfaction with digital services has reached a 91 percent rating during the initial months of the service’s launch.

The motive behind the digitalization of the service is to improve the experience of the customers. The clients of the service will be mostly from the infrastructure sector like the infrastructure service providers and contractors. The service aims to assist them while requesting for clearance certificates according to Article (14) of the Executive Council’s Resolution No. (54) of 2021, which is related to the regulation of works within the Right-Of-Way. 

The CEO of the Traffic and Roads Agency of RTA, Eng. Maitha bin Adai said that this eNOC service will be helpful for all the contractors and consultants working in the Dubai infrastructure sector. It would allow them to apply for online clearance certificates for all finished infrastructure works including that of road and transport projects. 

The platform helps in issuing certificates to companies working in the Dubai infrastructure industry like consulting and contracting agencies. It was developed in collaboration with the appropriate government departments and agencies. 

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Road and Transport Authorities’ implementation of automated services intends to rank the position of the city among the chief smart cities. This will be made possible with continuing innovation and digital partnerships with various allies. The functioning of the service will be marked by a greater improvement in the operational effectiveness of digital services, thus making it a vital platform for providing assistance to customers. 

How To Apply For An E-NOC?

Customers can apply for a NOC certificate through the official website. It consists of a seven-step process wherein the customer can provide the necessary details and request a clearance certificate. The system offers a process flow for the customers for submitting their application, which is done through a questionnaire that diverts you to the concerned authorities and departments. 

It also provides a facility for the customer to track the progress of their request and also helps them to address their queries or the need for any additional documentation. It supports services like revalidation of an existing and an approved NOC which can be done 2 weeks prior to its expiry, cancellation of an existing application for a NOC, final clearance of an existing and approved NOC, and the ability to view, download or print a digital NOC and inquiry on the status of a NOC. 

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