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Dubai Sports Council Members Celebrated International Women’s Day 2023



Dubai Sports Council Celebrated International Women’s Day

Dubai Sports Council celebrated International Women’s Day yesterday March 8, 2023, at its headquarters in the Dubai Design District in the presence of Saeed Hareb, Secretary General of Dubai Sports Council, and Nasser Aman Al Rahma, the Assistant Secretary General.

The Sports Council in collaboration with the Ministry of Community Development and Thukher Social Club organized a special forum, especially for its women members and other senior citizens. 

The Secretary-General Expressed his gratitude To Wards The WomenMembers

The Secretary-General, Saeed Hareb took this opportunity to praise and congratulate the women in the society and said, ‘All women play an important role in a man’s life, and that too while simultaneously handling other roles in her life, be it professional or personal.’

dubai sports council team

He also expressed his gratitude to the women members and said, ‘Today’s meeting, in general, has lots of meanings, human values, and sentiments especially because this day is for women, to respect them and to appreciate them for tirelessly serving the society through numerous roles in life.’ He further added that now women are not half of society, in fact, we must see them as ones who complete society with their care, warmth, and achievements.

He further added ‘With our brilliant leadership we have been always successful in supporting and empowering women to get recognition and equal rights within every Emirati institution. Besides, many Emirati women are playing pivotal leadership roles in many organizations and government departments of the state. And, we at the Dubai Sports Council are extremely proud of the women’s community working with us. They serve as role models for society by setting examples of the success and dedication of working women.

He finally concluded his speech by wishing all the success to the women members of the Dubai Sports Council.

Next, Saeed Hareb welcomed two women UAE models, part of Dubai Sports Council’s pioneering sisters as speakers to share their experiences and achievements with everyone present in the forum. It provided the women present in the forum a lifetime experience to engage in dialogue and explore other opportunities in other fields.

The authorities took this event to review and congratulate women for their significant achievements in the area of sports and social work. The forum also gave special recognition to the senior citizens by assuring them of the future plans of the Dubai Sports Council to launch workshops, entertaining activities, and sports events that can provide them with more opportunities for involvement in many fun-filled activities within the society. 

The Sports Council informed the attendees about its future plans to collaborate with the Dubai Ladies Club and other private clubs to promote more such events that encourage women’s participation in different events and programs throughout the country.

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It also announced that special consideration will be given to senior citizens from March 20, 2023, on the International Day of Happiness. Senior citizens will be provided with a free entry pass on the first day along with a special membership card that could provide the privilege of enjoying all the benefits of the club. 

The authorities of the Dubai Sports Council made sure to make women happy through numerous activities and competitions. They organized several entertainment activities to increase women’s engagement and participation. Also, to cherish such a memorable fun-filled women’s day, photographs were taken. 

The event also organized special medical camps for the attendees to evaluate their physical and mental fitness. Besides, talks to improve fitness and mental well-being were also organized to educate women about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

As the event was ending, all women were requested to showcase a parade by marching through Dubai Sports Council’s track to remind them of their achievements and importance in society.

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