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Dubai Storm: DEWA Warns Customers To Take Precautions



Dubai Storm DEWA Warns Customers To Take Precautions

Residents of UAE started experiencing heavy rainfall with a cloudy sky, cooling climate, dust, strong wind, and storm on Tuesday. Forecasters have already been informed about the drastic weather change in UAE. National Centre for Meteorology (NCM) announces a change in the pressure system will bring heavy rainfall to southern and eastern parts of UAE, Fujairah, and Ras AI Khaiman getting a heavy shower.

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) encourages its customers through its awareness campaign to take precautions against heavy rainfall and to ensure a safe and secure electricity supply. Unexpected heavy rain will cause to loss of control over the power supply. 

Take Precautions To Prevent Internal Power Outages In This Rainy Season

DEWA informed people through its official social media, website, text messages, and emails to take action themselves with the help of a technician to do electric maintenance works in their homes and to cover all external electrical connections.  The Ministry of Interior and Dubai police warned about road safety during the heavy rainfall in Dubai Residents.

Take Precautions To Prevent Internal Power Outages In This Rainy Season

And avoid the presence of water ponds, reduce vehicle speed, and don”t go to seas and beaches. Dubai Police retweeted the tweet by the Ministry of Interior on upcoming climate change with a chance of heavy rainfall across the country.

Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) shared on their Twitter handle, drive carefully in the rain, and control the speed limit. 

To overcome the worst sides of rainfall and thunderstorm, people need to take some precautions like indoor and outdoor safety tips. And also stay alert while driving through rain.

Try don’t to leave home for unnecessary needs, stay away from open places to avoid lightning, do not stand under trees, follow weather updates, keep children inside the house, stay away from electronic gadgets, collect the emergency numbers that you can contact at any time from anywhere, Try don’t to walk through water, do not stay outdoors, are the general primary precautions to do.

Precautions On Heavy Rainfall

  • Try to avoid going out of home 
  • Avoid going to flood-prone areas
  • If going outside must keep things that will help you to overcome a sudden climate change

Precautions On Thunderstorm

  • Try to stay at home 
  • Use wireless electronic devices instead of wired electronic devices
  • Do not touch metal equipment, which conducts electricity.

Precautions Against Dust, Sand Storms, Snd Strong Wind

  • Reduce driving speed
  • Cover your body while you go out of your house
  • Cover respiratory systems well with the use of a mask

The NCM  has announced to the UAE residents to stay away from the areas of flash floods and rain. And take some precautions to prevent heavy rain in eastern northern areas.

DEWA provides tips for efficient electricity supply during rain and extreme weather are: 

  • Check internal electrical connections and secure them by using water-proof sockets
  • Check all connections are properly earthed.
  • Seal all spare conduits, located on the building roof.
  • Close all electrical cabinets.
  • Replace any damaged meter windows. 

HE Saeed Mohammed AI Tayer, CEO, and MD of DEWA ensures active and reliable service from the part of DEWA to its customers and follow the plans and guidelines of the authority.

With the help of DEWA, people can access DEWA Store to get efficient service from the authority and also provide maintenance works and energy-saving devices with discounts and offers. DEWA achieved desired competitive results in business continuity. 991 is the emergency number of DEWA, People can contact the number for further information and clarifications. And follow DEWA’s official website for further details. 

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