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Dubai Storm: Heavy Rain And Tornadoes Lash Parts Of Dubai



Dubai Storm Heavy Rain And Tornadoes Lash Parts Of Dubai

Multiple parts of UAE including Dubai and Sharjah getting floods and tornadoes with heavy rainfall for the last few days. Residents of UAE struggling with the sudden change in weather from winter to rainy season. Areas of  Majan, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, and Al Jafiliya got the first rainfall. The roads of Fujairah city were damaged by the flood and water flow.

People shared various videos about the effects of unexpected rain made in Sharjah and Fujairah, like cars floating in the flooded water, roads and shops flooded, people rescued by the rescuers in military vehicles, and several parts of the residents badly damaged by the rain. Dams and mountains contain a heavy flow of water. The cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai comparatively get small rainfall during these days.

UAE Residents Shared Video Of The Floods

And also said that there is a potential to the extension of the climate in the same. Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) advised people to drive safely through the roads and reduce driving speed accordingly. Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai said the drivers obey traffic rules and do not increase the driving speed when the traffic signal is showing green.  Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has advised its customers to take precautions to avoid power blackouts during rain.

UAE Residents Shared Video Of The Floods


Excess rainfall and flood will cause power blackouts and damage. Tips and guidelines to overcome the scarcity of electricity were also introduced. As the first step people consult an electrical expert to do the maintenance works and ensure the safe and secure flow of electricity. And issued tips like checking internal connections at home, securing meter boxes and electrical cabinets well, and checking connections are earthed well.

DEWA provided this information through its official website, social media page, text messages, and emails. DEWA’s emergency number 991 is available, people can contact them at any time for any clarifications regarding it. A list of technical services and discounts on safety devices are also provided through the DEWA store.

UAE’s National Centre for Meteorology (NCM) said to take precautions against heavy rainfall and to stay away from flood-prone areas. Flash floods in the UAE caused to damage houses in eastern areas people were stuck in their homes and rescued by civil defense members.. Drastic climate change and global warming are the essential reason for the heavy rain.

The Ministry of Interior announced to the people living in the affected areas to stay home if there are no necessary needs. Emergency teams and hospital workers are allowed to go out. Almost 870 people were rescued in Sharjah and Fujairah. Thunder and lightning are also visible in severe parts of the country. The slow movement of vehicle cause traffic. 

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan President of UAE told all mosques to conduct rain prays because November is the month of the rainy season in UAE.

Rescuing operations are done by the authorities. And some precautions are also needed by the side of the people. 

Precautions To Avoid The Worst Side Of Rainfall

  • Stay at home safely. 
  • Follow weather updates
  • Move from the flood-prone areas
  • Collect available emergency numbers providing service at any time
  • Do basic electrical maintenance work at home with the help of an electrician
  • Keep kids inside the home
  • Keep doors and windows closed to avoid the sudden attack from the wind
  • Stay away from electrical gadgets to avoid attack from thunderstorms
  • Keep the electronic devices fully charged, to survive a power blackout
  • Drive carefully and  reduce driving speed
  • Try don’t go to the mountain, or valley areas

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