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Dubai Taxi Started Testing Of New Electronic Vehicles From Skywell



Dubai Taxi Started Testing Of New Electronic Vehicles From Skywell

The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has officially launched its new program with the Skywell electric vehicle (EV) as part of its limo service. This move is consistent with the RTA’s ambitious action plan, which also aims to switch the UAE’s emission-free public transportation by 2050.

The DTC is undertaking a feasibility study to evaluate various models of electric vehicles from numerous manufacturers and electrical vehicle producers to ensure the best outcomes to achieve this goal.

To that end, the Skywell EV will be tested on Dubai roads for three months, during that time its own features and ability to operate within the DTC fleet will be assessed. The study will also consider international standards of comfort, security, and safety.

Skywell EV is part of the DTC’s goal of achieving zero-emission transportation by 2050

The goal of the feasibility study is to assess the viability of using all types of electric vehicles in the DTC fleet, and if the vehicle is found feasible, to transition to them over time.

The Skywell EV trial is an extremely important step in this process as it will provide the DTC with valuable data on the basis of the performance of electric vehicles in Dubai’s unique climate and road conditions.

Skywell EV is part of the DTC's goal of achieving zero-emission transportation by 2050

UAE has set an ambitious target of having 42,000 electric vehicles on its roads by 2030 as part of its efforts to reduce carbon emissions in the country.

The DTC is making a significant contribution to meeting this target and lowering the city’s carbon footprint by connecting electric vehicles to its fleet.

Mansoor Rahma Al Falasi, CEO of the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), has highlighted the importance of the Skywell electric vehicle (EV) trial period, explaining it as a “strategic operational step” that aligns with the company’s goal of providing high-quality services to improve the mobility experience across Dubai.

Al Falasi affirmed that this move is consistent with best practices for achieving Dubai’s leaders’ vision of providing the best services that make customers happy while promoting environmental protection.

He emphasized the importance of providing services that prioritize customer comfort and safety while adhering to the strictest environmental regulations.

Moreover, Al Falasi mentioned that the trial of the Skywell EV is a part of the DTC’s goal of achieving emission-free transport services by 2050, reflecting the vision of Dubai’s leaders.

This goal is consistent with Dubai’s pledge to reduce its carbon footprint and shift to more sustainable modes of transportation.

Furthermore, Mansoor Rahma Al Falasi, CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), stresses the importance of electric vehicles in reducing emissions and promoting environmentally friendly transportation.

He said that eco-friendly vehicles now make up 70% of the DTC fleet, illustrating the company’s commitment and dedication to reducing its carbon footprint.

Al Falasi continued by mentioning that the DTC aims to add 70 eco-friendly automobiles to its fleet each year as part of its efforts to transition Dubai to emission-free public transportation.

To accomplish this goal, the DTC is testing and introducing various brands of electric vehicles from various manufacturers in order to evaluate their efficiency and guarantee optimal results that cater to customer needs while adhering to the highest standards of comfort, safety, and security.

The DTC’s commitment to Eco-friendly transportation is consistent with Dubai’s goal of transitioning to sustainable modes of transportation while also reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality throughout the city.

The DTC is making an important step to achieve this objective by adding more electric vehicles to its fleet.

The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has announced a comprehensive plan to rapidly expand EV charging stations throughout the UAE.

The increment of these charging stations will allow for a wide range of EV types and models to use the same charging station in UAE. This action shows the DTC’s dedication to offering Eco-friendly mobility solutions that will help reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable development.

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The DTC is presently considering the smart operation capabilities and economic viability of various vehicle models in order to achieve the best environmental and economic outcomes all over the UAE. To accomplish this goal, the DTC is considering testing new kinds of vehicles that will help reduce carbon emissions and improve Dubai’s transportation sector and sustainability.

The expansion of charging stations for electric cars and other electronic vehicles across the UAE is a crucial step towards Dubai’s goal of zero-emission public transportation by 2050.

The DTC promotes the adoption of electric vehicles by boosting the amount of available charging stations and extra charging points trying to make it easier for EV owners to gain access to the necessary charging infrastructure.

Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has established testing standards and protocols to make sure outstanding operational strategies, financial sustainability, and the finest, safest, and most environmentally friendly practices.

Analyzing operational and maintenance indicators, as well as breakdown rates per 100,000 km, are among the parameters. Through experimental protocols, this approach aims to improve customer service while also achieving sustainability goals.

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