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Dubai Visa Video Call Service Completes Over 250,000 Transactions



Dubai Visa Video Call Service Completes Over 250,000 Transactions

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs in Dubai has recently confirmed the success of the Dubai visa video call services. The first phase of the program was launched two months ago and today it has already processed 250,000 transactions.

These services have been subscribed to by a number of travellers. They have proved to be extremely relevant and necessary for the completion of formalities required in the visa issuance process.

It helps to fulfill the process in a hassle-free and less time-consuming way. 

The Dubai Visa Video call services help individuals to fill out their application for a visa, update their data, complete the documentation and indulge in interactive communications with the concerned personnel for the clarification of doubts.

In a recent tweet, a spokesperson of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs in Dubai revealed that the scheme has actually reduced the processing time of the visa application.

The need for such services at this point in time is not to be overestimated. Rather, these services contribute to building an intricate network of foreign relations.

The completion of 250,000 video call transactions is a milestone to celebrate

The Dubai visa video call services were launched with the intention to ease the process of visa application. The department had developed an operational team to deal with all such cases. This service mitigated the need for the individuals to physically come to the office and file the documentation.

The completion of 250,000 video call transactions is a milestone to celebrate

It has actually digitized the entire process. The services are delivered by experts and professionals. They offer guidance with respect to financial procedures.

They also impart education regarding the issuance of golden visas and explain the process to avail of the visas on humanitarian grounds. Over video calls, the experts offer legal assistance to the clients as well. 

The ambit of these video call services is not restricted to these aspects. Several individuals have successfully completed the real estate procedures and naturalization mechanism via this channel. It has been able to offer the maximum amount of utility over time.

The main objective behind imparting these services is to accord an opportunity to men and women to sit at their homes and discharge all their legal obligations. It connects the clients with the experts directly in order to avoid any sort of confusion and miscommunication. These services have revolutionized the mechanism to handle innumerable requests from individuals on all the issues governing visa applications. 

After a due analysis and scrutiny of the statistics, it has been revealed that the maximum number of video calls catered to clarify the procedural requirements of the application to the individuals. The second most important reason behind the calls was to complete the documentation. It was followed by legal compliance and real estate services.

Brigadier General Hussein Ibrahim, Assistant Director-General, Institutional Support Sector, the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs, reiterated that these services have boosted the potential of the department to satisfy and handle the complaints by around 45%.

In addition, the speed by which the issues are settled has also been multiplied. All of this depicts the benefits of healthy and sound Governance. 

In order to operate these video call services, a toll-free number has been put into operation 25 by 7. The number, 8005111, is accessible by every resident of Dubai. The residents can easily file their complaints or lodge their queries after calling on this number. Every line has been assigned to an Amer call center.

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The personnel employed in these call centres respond to the calls and serve the residents in the best possible way. These persons are imparted adequate training to handle the queries and complaints of the resident in the minimum amount of time. 

The backlog of the applications and the red-tapism of the department were acting as a major stumbling blocks in the completion of the transactions. Added to this was the burden of additional queries and complaints raised by the applicants.

The development of a separate line to handle these specific complaints and queries has not only provided an effective discharge to the queries but at the same time improved the efficiency of the department to conduct their primary business.

It is a significant step in this respect and has greatly benefitted the establishment of strong foreign relations. As per a recent survey, the exchange of countrymen across the neighboring borders has doubled owing to the faster processing of applications. 

This has revolutionized the lethargic and stagnant departments of the country for the good. This is a considerable development in this regard. The department aims to further improve its operations over time. 

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