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Dubai’s Emirates Announces New Robot Check-in System At Airports



Dubai’s Emirates Announces New Robot Check-in System At Airports

Dubai has been an incredible country so far. It has always channelized its efforts towards the incorporation of innovation in the basic chores to enhance the utility and therefore improve the quality of life.

It has been recently that Dubai has once again proved its dedication towards futuristic growth by introducing something unique and useful at the same time.

Dubai had instituted a portable robotic check-in system across all the airports in the country. The system would be introduced by the Emirates and this would be the first world-class system ever launched anywhere else in the world.

New Robot Check-in System would be truly revolutionary in nature 

This system has been named Sara and would be in the position to communicate in at least 6 global languages. It will be helping the travellers with everything from booking the flights, checking in and booking the hotels at the destination.

New Robot Check-in System would be truly revolutionary in nature 

The Chief Operating Officer of the Emirates, Mr Adel Redha has recently tweeted that they feel proud to become the torchbearers for extending this novel service to the world at large. After Dubai, they aim to launch these robot-based check-in services across other countries as well. 

According to the new system, the robots would be replacing humans and hence offer much more refined and extensive checking-in services at the airport.

The robots would be checking the tickets, issuing the boarding pass, confirming the credentials of the person, taking up the luggage and sending the details via the email address and the mobile number of the passenger.

In addition, they would be helping out the travellers with their travel and accommodation bookings. This system will be first launched in Dubai on a trial basis.

Emirates has developed this system in collaboration with various mechanic companies and firms. Their partners have extended every possible support to make this happen. The manufacturing of the product has been completed locally.

Mr Al Redha has recently confirmed that these robotic operations would be launched in phases. The first phase would witness the incorporation of the 200 robotic machines at the Dubai airport.

With time, not only will the number of robotic machines increase at a given airport but also the number of airports covered under the scheme in various cities would also be multiplied. The next phase is expected to roll out in the next few months.

Sara, the robotic system would be extremely helpful for the travellers at the airport. It would reduce the time of processing their requests and also provide crisp and correct information.

It would be in the position to notify of any change or disruption in the flight. This would be actually helpful to reduce the wastage of time and avoid inconvenience to the maximum possible extent. The system will also assist the passengers with their bookings in a very hassle-free manner.

Over time, the airline plans to enhance the utility and scalability of its operations. Sara would in fact be used to access the veracity of the visas and permits at the immigration and emigration departments. 

Sara has been launched by its developing partners at ForsaTEK, an annual event that celebrates the latest innovations of companies and startups.

It has redefined the aviation infrastructure over the years. With the inclusion of robots in the travel industry, the quality of services to passengers would be dramatically improved. It has actually motivated many developers to come forward and contribute to the basic design so that the product outperforms in the times to come.

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The robot-based check-in system works on the basis of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The scope of this technology is likely to widen in the coming years. Many other airlines are already contemplating the deployment of AI-powered tools for enhancing the experience of travellers.

Sara is completely optimized and has actually assisted the airline in customizing the scope of its operations over the years. The inculcation of this technology has helped the airline in innumerable ways. It has solved the problem of understaffing and has also improved the quality of the services.

It has helped to satisfy the passengers. It is clearly evident from the recent hike of 30% in the airline’s revenue and 25% in the passenger volume. It has actually reduced the total number of complaints received.

Therefore, it would be right to say that Sara is the most iconic technical innovation that has revamped the airline industry for the good. It has enhanced the financial efficiency and operationalization of the business in a very short span of time. This growth will be further boosted by the changes that the coming era would bring with it. 

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