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Dubai’s Emirates Invests 4 Million Euros To Upgrade It’s Fleet Of Flight Training Academy



Dubai’s Emirates Invests 4 Million Euros To Upgrade It's Fleet Of Flight Training Academy

The Emirates Flight Training Academy is dedicated to providing advanced technologies and aircraft models to train future pilots and meet global demand for pilots.

The Academy recently announced the purchase of three twin-engine DA42-VI aircraft from Diamond Aircraft Industries in Austria, as well as a simulator for these aircraft, for a total deal value of 4 million euros at the list price.

The Academy will use the new DA42-VI aircraft for multi-engine aircraft training as part of a larger strategic goal of developing a connecting program to allow pupils to acquire more experience during in the transformation from a standard to a light jet aircraft.

This will allow students to gain experience on three different types of aircraft before becoming certified, differentiating the Academy from others in the industry.

Emirates Flight Training Academy Enhances Pilot Training with Latest Aircraft Technologies

The new fleet of Diamond aircraft, according to Captain Abdullah Al Hammadi, Vice President and Director of the Emirates Flight Training Academy, will assist the Academy to comply with the latest GCAA guidelines.

Furthermore, the DA42-VI is environmentally friendly and useful for bridging training. This purchase, according to the Academy, will be a valuable addition to their training program, allowing their students to benefit greatly from the most recent technologies and aircraft models.

Emirates Flight Training Academy Enhances Pilot Training with Latest Aircraft Technologies

Diamond Aircraft Austria CEO Lecon (Frank) Chang expressed satisfaction with the Emirates Pilot Training Academy’s choice of the DA42-VI aircraft. He added Emirates Airlines to the long list of world-renowned training academies.

Change looks forward to supporting the academy with its latest, state-of-the-art, and environmentally friendly aircraft, which reinforces the position of the DA42-VI as a leader in the field of multi-engine aircraft training.

Diamond’s groundbreaking technology is featured in the latest iteration of the twin-engine aircraft, the DA42-VI. It is the first certified aircraft to incorporate an airframe, avionics, and modern engines, and it is designed to make the transition from single-engine to two-engine operation as simple as possible. 

The jet-powered DA42-VI saves up to 50% more fuel than its conventional AVGAS-powered counterparts, and the panoramic cockpit provides excellent visibility during all flight maneuvers. Diamond has delivered over 1,100 DA42 aircraft since its introduction, outperforming all other certified twin-engine aircraft combined.

The DA42-VI features 168-horsepower AUSTRO AE300 turbojet engines that are efficient, quiet, clean, and dependable, as well as a Garmin G1000 NXi with 3-axis automatic control and optional electrical air conditioning.

The three aircraft are scheduled to arrive at the Emirates Pilot Training Academy in the first half of 2023.  The academy since 2020, making way for countless job opportunities not only for Emirates Airlines but also for the wider aviation industry.

Since its inception, 100 pilots have graduated and gone on to work for Emirates Airlines and the wider aviation industry.

The Emirates Flight Training Academy maintains its leadership in pilot training by incorporating Advanced technologies and aircraft models into its programs, kudos to the inclusion of three DA42-VI aircraft and a simulator.

Emirates established the Emirates Flight Training Academy in Dubai South in 2017 to train Emirati and international students to become pilots.

The Academy’s fleet consists of 27 aircraft, including 22 single-engine Cirrus G6 SR22s and 5 Embraer Phenom EV100 light jets. The campus is the size of 200 football fields and contains 36 modern classrooms, 6 full-motion simulators, an independent air traffic control tower, and a private 1,800-meter runway.

The Emirates Flight Training Academy provides a comprehensive Ground School program that lasts 53 weeks and includes 900 hours of training. The 36 classrooms are fully equipped with two 86-inch touch screens and run on a specially designed training program for the Academy. This program allows students to access the materials through their own devices, creating an interactive training environment.

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Emirates Flight Training Academy provides 250 hours of flight school training on simulators, Cirrus single-engine planes, and Phenom jets.

Their website contains additional information. Diamond Aircraft offers a variety of modern, fuel-efficient flight training aircraft, including the DA40 NG single-engine training concept and the DA42-VI multi-engine aircraft. They also provide flight simulators and jet fuel engines, making them the sole provider of flight training equipment. Their website offers more details.

The addition of three DA42-VI aircraft to the Emirates Pilot Training Academy’s fleet will greatly benefit the airline industry in the UAE.

The modern and fuel-efficient aircraft will provide a state-of-the-art training experience for pilots, preparing them for the demands of the aviation industry. The training provided by the Academy will not only benefit Emirates Airlines but also the wider aviation industry in the UAE.

As more pilots graduate from the academy, it will lead to increased job opportunities, allowing for the growth and expansion of airline services in the UAE. Ultimately, the addition of these aircraft will help to ensure a safe and efficient aviation industry in the region.

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