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Dubai’s Emirates Pulled By Reindeers For Christmas In Viral Video



Dubai’s Emirates Pulled By Reindeers For Christmas In Viral Video

The Emirates Airlines became viral last week when they posted a video of their flight being pulled by reindeer as part of Christmas. The video was a homage to the Christmas celebrations around the world and also a Christmas wish from Emirates Airlines. The video shows how the reindeer pull the aircraft like they pull the sleigh of Santa Claus.

Viral Video Shows: Emirates Plane Pulled By Santa’s Reindeers In Christmas

The caption under the video read “Captain Claus, requesting permission to take off. Merry Christmas from Emirates”. The viral video was posted on the Instagram platform and was shared by many. UAE and Dubai have been preparing for a grand Christmas and New year season as different programs have been organized in different parts of the Emirate nation.

Emirates Plane Pulled By Santa's Reindeers In Viral Christmas Video

Dubai is also offering its city spaces and winter shopping markets to tourists and residents alike where multiple points have opened up offering special winter offers. Some of the visitors who came to see the FIFA World Cup in Qatar have also stayed back in Dubai to celebrate their Christmas and New Year. Even though Christmas is over, the celebration is still on as people are preparing for the next year which brings new hope and happiness.

There will be a lot of air traffic during the last weeks of December as people will be traveling to and from major tourist destinations across the world. All the major airlines have ramped up their flight charges also because of the increase in demand. The previous two years’ Christmas and New Year celebrations were mainly clouded by the uncertainty of Covid-19 and people are getting to have more relaxed celebrations this time.  

Dubai’s Burj Khalifa will be organizing a light and fireworks show on New Year’s Eve with the light and laser show set to create a world record for traveling the maximum distance. Every year-end, the tallest building in the world is the center of Dubai’s New year celebrations with multiple events happening in and around the place. Australian singer Kylie Minogue will be performing at Atlantis, The Palms as part of the ‘A night with the stars’ New Year’s Eve Event, and the gala dinner event will also offer an exhaustive buffet menu with live sushi counters, a wide variety of desserts, etc. Nikki beach hotels are also organizing fireworks and dinner party at their hotel where they will be having their own fireworks display on New Year’s Eve. 

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Emirates Airlines has increased its flight services to countries like the UK, America and other Asian countries to meet the increasing demand for visitors to Dubai. The tourist influx to Dubai has seen a steep rise in the post-covid-19 phase and the global community is being part of a new trend called ‘revenge tourism’. It is a concept where people who have been stuck at home for a long time because of lockdown and other covid-19 restrictions have started to visit different places around the world in short periods. As part of the service expansions, the Emirates reintroduced their legendary Airbus A380s which were out of service during the lockdown period because of a lack of passengers.

The Emirates owns almost half of the total A380s manufactured and they are considered a symbol of pride and luxury by the Emirate airlines. The President of Emirate Airlines Tim Clark has always been proud of the jumbo jet aircraft that offers both first class and premium economy features like a Shower spa, Onboard Lounge, spacious economy seats etc.

The shower spa and premium economy are some unique features of the A380s and Clark hopes that such wonderful machines will be produced in the future too so that the Emirates can offer great services to the consumers. They are planning to make the service of A380s available till the mid-2030s. One of the main drawbacks of the A380 is that it is a double-decker aircraft with four engines and these are less efficient compared to the new lightweight aircraft with engine efficiency.  

However, the renovated A380s have made a huge comeback and the Emirates website has put up the new and improved features of the flight. The new shower spa has a trimmed and polished woodgrain finish that matches the brand-new interiors of the A380. Luxury and comfort take a new level as VOYA has provided a set of organic seaweed products to make your shower in the A380 special. The onboard lounge also offers premium service with bars, drinks, snacks, and sofas to relax.

One of the main highlights is the introduction of the Premium Economy cabins in the improved A380s. These are the latest design and spacious economy seats that are larger in size and economical in affordability so that everyone can have a great travel experience with the Emirates A380 airlines. On the whole, these new and improved features make the A380 the perfect Christmas travel ‘sleigh’ that will make your trip a truly memorable experience.                                                                                    

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