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Dubai’s RTA And Cruise Partnered To Develop Commercial Self-driven Cars 



Dubai's RTA And Cruise Partnered To Develop Commercial Self-driven Cars 

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority has partnered with Cruise., which is a self-driving technology company. These body corporates have collaborated to bolster self-driving transportation in Dubai.  The Government of Dubai is currently supporting these initiatives in order to encourage investment in smart mobility in the country.

Therefore, Cruise is working with the Roads and Transport Authority to collect data for incorporating advanced technologies into the public transportation of Dubai.

This is in line with the efforts of the Government to develop Dubai’s leadership in becoming the smartest city in the world. The organizations would work to customize the artificial intelligence to the traffic conditions of Dubai.

The partnership aims to promote cooperation for the integration of technology within the country

The objective behind this partnership is to showcase a shared dedication to building sustainable and innovative mobility solutions. This move will raise Dubai’s global position to international standards. Dubai is currently inclined towards the adoption of self-driving technology for the growth of the country as a whole.

The partnership aims to promote cooperation for the integration of technology within the country

Various other research centers are coming together with this initiative and are contributing to the development of the technology in one or the other. The technical teams from the Cruise and the Road and Transport Authority of Dubai have pooled their resources together to ensure optimum deliverables to the country. 

The Dubai Transport and Road Authority has collaborated with Cruise. Both of these institutions are working together to improve the state of mobility and incorporate advanced technical solutions in the country. They have together launched the first edition of this initiative.

Recently, they started collecting the data and began the testing of their latest technology on the Dubai roads. Currently, the data pertaining to signals, signage, and the driver’s behavior who are driving the Chevy Bolt-based autonomous vehicles in the Jumeirah 1 area is being collected. 

The Dubai Government has extended its support towards these programs as they mark the first fundamental step towards the introduction of self-driving ride-hail services in Dubai.

The Road and the Transport Authority of Dubai are committed to improving the well-being and safety of the citizens in Dubai.

With the introduction of autonomous and self-driving vehicles, there is a need to devise strategies to minimize the risk attached to the adoption of this technology.

Therefore, the authorities are focusing on the collection of the data. In addition, the latest innovations are being rapidly tested to excel in the domain of smart mobility.

Cruise is a leading developer of artificially intelligent software. It is contributing towards the development of safe and customized autonomous vehicles which can easily adapt to Dubai’s ecosystem. 

According to the sources, the latest drive to collect data will rely on the readings obtained from five Chevy Bolt-based autonomous vehicles. The technicians would be closely recording the data through onboard lidars, radars, and cameras.

They will try to capture a holistic 360-degree view of these vehicles in order to suggest improvements to the design and functioning. In fact, both of these institutions are attending the latest workshops to further improve their skills.

It was on 9th March 2023 that a team from Cruise participated in a workshop held by the Roads and Transport Authority to discuss about the operation of self-driving services in Dubai.

Both of these institutions are coming together to host a workshop to study the specifications of the Chevy Bolt-based autonomous vehicle and further improvise this technology for facing the challenges of the future.

The Cruise and the Road and Transport Authority of Dubai are planning to launch its maiden self-driven and autonomous taxis in Dubai. they have already set an agenda to deploy around 4000 autonomous vehicles in Dubai by the end of 2030.

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This is an important goal that the institutions will definitely fulfill according to the decided timeline. Their cumulative goal is to make Dubai, the first non-U.S. city to commercialize autonomous and self-driven cars.

According to Ahmed Hashem Bahrozyan, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Public Transport Agency, the introduction of self-driven vehicles on the roads would lead to lower traffic congestion, reduce the number of road accidents, and also would cut down the emissions to the environment.

All of these efforts are likely to bear fruits. These efforts underscore the need to migrate toward self-driving technology. This move will help Dubai to become an innovative hub for smart technologies. The commercialization of self-driving cars will raise the gross domestic product of the country.

It will exponentially increase employment opportunities in the information technology sector. The Government of Dubai has always focused on the quality of the lives of the citizens. This step is well-aligned with the broader objective in the times to come.

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