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Emirates Airlines To Launch “Centre Of Excellence” For Aviation Robotics



Emirates Airlines To Launch “Centre Of Excellence” For Aviation Robotics

A significant partnership deal has been signed between the Emirates Group and the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) to launch a new centre for aviation robotics in the emirate of Dubai. The new center will be called the Emirates Centre of Excellence for Aviation Robotics (ECEAR).

The announcement of partnership was announced during the ongoing ForsaTEK event, which is the first edition of Emirates Group’s annual event that aims to connect the two start-up programs of the group – Aviation X Lab and Intelak – with the industry and technology partners out there.

ECEAR will Allow Emirates to Implement AI and Robotics to Improve Business Efficiency, Increasing Customer Satisfaction

One of the major objectives of the new Centre of Excellence for Aviation Robotics once set up and running, would be to explore critical and innovative themes that can contribute to the progress of the aviation industry and business growth within the sector.

ECEAR will Allow Emirates to Implement AI and Robotics to Improve Business Efficiency, Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Some of the expected themes that the ECEAR will focus on include interactions between humans and robots, handling of luggage and cargo items, intralogistics, logistics, as well as the regulations and industry standards that are related to the aviation sector.

Also, the establishment of the ECEAR initiative will help Emirates Group to ensure that they are in a place to take the best advantage of all the evolving technologies with respect to the aviation sector, such as the use of technology applications and robotics in improving the operational efficiency as well as providing a refined and positive customer experience throughout their journey with Emirates.

The Dubai Future Foundation was set up back in 2016 and focuses on building an ecosystem that promotes innovation within the emirate of Dubai.

The initiatives taken under the guidance of the Dubai Future Foundation include incubators, regulatory sandboxes, accelerator programs, strategic partnerships, etc., all of which are shaped in such a way that focuses on improving efficiency and effectiveness to create a better future version.

Talking about the new partnership with the Dubai Future Foundation, Adel Al Redha, the Chief Operating Officer at Emirates said that the Emirates Group will be working closely with the Dubai Future Foundation to ensure that the expansion and deployment of artificial intelligence and its applications in terms of both hardware and software stays on an accelerated path within the aviation industry.

He also said that Emirates is interested to put forward investments to implement the forecasting model of artificial intelligence to conduct the inventory management activities of the group.

He also shared his idea to create a system that can help with material mobilization for the warehousing needs of the Emirate’s operations.

Al Redha also added that the new partnership will help the Emirates Group to ensure that the robotics technology and its applications are put to the best use in providing an enhanced customer journey.

Talking about the agreement, Khalfan Juma Belhoul, the Chief Executive Officer at Dubai Future Foundation, said that launching the Emirates Centre of Excellence for Aviation Robotics helps to bring the best talent from both national and international levels into Dubai and help develop the best possible robotics solutions that can play a major role in the growth and modernization of the aviation industry.

He also said that the agreement will put forward a set of diverse and completely fresh economic opportunities that will revolve around the development of future technologies.

He further stated that the partnership will help to advance the “Dubai Robotics and Automation Program”, which is an initiative launched by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Dubai Crown Prince, Chairman of the Dubai Future Foundation Broad of Trustees, and the Chairman of the Executive Council of Dubai.

The aim of the program is to ensure that Dubai leads the world as one of the best cities in the fields of robotics and automation and that both technologies are implemented across all vital sectors within the country.

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The Emirates Group is pressing forward to implement the latest technologies to improve the efficiency of business operations and also to provide a better experience to its customers.

During the ongoing ForsaTEK event, Emirates announced their plans to introduce multilingual robots called “Sara” that will help to speed up the passenger check-in process at Dubai airports, which will help reduce the time passengers need to spend in queues and ultimately will help more passengers to comfortably travel through the airports in Dubai.

The robots will be locally developed and over the course of the next two years, Emirates will add over 200 such multilingual robots in both the airports in the emirate.

With the latest announcement, Emirates has become the first airline globally to implement robots to improve the efficiency of the check-in process for passengers.

The “Sara” robots will be able to complete the check-in process, issue boarding pass, and will send the same to the passenger’s registered email address and mobile number. The robot will also be able to scan and verify the passenger’s passport with the help of facial recognition technology.

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