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Emirates Airlines To Offer High-Speed Broadband Connectivity Onboard Airbus A350s Starting 2024



Emirates Airlines To Offer High-Speed Broadband Connectivity Onboard Airbus A350s Starting 2024

Dubai’s flag carrier Emirates Airlines has announced its plans to invest in a brand-new inflight broadband service to provide high-speed internet connectivity to flying passengers. The new broadband service will make its way to the 50 new Airbus A350 aircraft scheduled to enter Emirate’s fleet starting in 2024.

To provide a high-speed broadband connection, Emirates will be availing of the services offered by Inmarsat’s GX Aviation satellite network.

New high-speed, inflight broadband powered by Inmarsat’s GX Aviation 

Once established, passengers will be able to browse the web, enjoy content within their favorite applications, and stay in touch with family and friends with uninterrupted high-speed internet connectivity regardless of where they’re at the moment, even if it’s the North Pole.

Talking about the latest move, Adel Al Redha, Chief Operating Office at Emirates Airlines said “Delivering world-class experience onboard Emirates has always been the focus and paramount. We understand that being connected is an important aspect of flying and over the years, the team has closely worked with our supply partners including Inmarsat to make sure that all the aircraft in Emirate’s fleet offer onboard WiFi connectivity.”

New high-speed, inflight broadband powered by Inmarsat’s GX Aviation 

The Inmarsat GX Aviation is the first and only inflight broadband solution available that offers uninterrupted and reliable high-speed internet coverage all around the globe. The connectivity is offered via a single provider and is utilized by many top-class leading airlines in the world such as Qatar Airways and China Airlines.

The GX network currently has 5 Ka-band satellites, and 7 more satellites will join the network as part of the technology roadmap laid down by Inmarsat.

Out of the proposed fully-funded roadmap satellites, 2 of them will be Inmarsat 6 satellites,  which are the most sophisticated communication satellite for commercial use that’s ever built.

Both the Inmarsat 6’s have a scheduled service entry date of 2023, which means that by the time the Airbus A350s from Emirates begins service, it will be able to enjoy all the additional benefits offered by the new satellite additions.

Al Redha further said, “We are looking forward to finding ways to improve the connectivity onboard our upcoming Airbus A350 fleet by utilizing the GX Aviation from Inmarsat, and this move will help Emirates to boost its global capacity, especially on routes traveling over the Arctic connecting America with the Middle East.”

Willian Huot-Marchand, Senior Vice President of Inflight Connectivity at Inmarsat Aviation shared “We’re delighted to have Emirates join the GX Aviation family. The upcoming Airbus A350s will be the first in the Emirates fleet to have our advanced and reliable GX Aviation solution implemented.

GX Aviation is well-positioned and highly experienced to meet the passenger expectations of Emirates flyers of having high-speed and uninterrupted internet connectivity regardless of the routes, even if it’s over the Arctic.

Our team looks forward to working closely with Emirates Airlines on the implementation and other exciting innovations that build upon the excellent service history of Emirates in providing best-in-class experience to all its passengers.”

The latest investment in the form of high-speed onboard internet is actually a part of the massive $2 billion investment plan that Emirates has had in place since last year to improve the overall experience of passengers flying with the airlines. As part of the grand investment, scheme Emirates will upgrade the interiors of more than 120 aircraft to the latest standards, and also invest in new inflight menus, better training for the airline’s cabin crew, and more.

According to a statement in August by Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airlines, the carrier is currently rolling out intensive program changes to take Emirates Airlines’ signature high-quality inflight experience to the next level.

Last year, Emirates made news for upgrading their first class in-flight menu to offer unlimited Persian caviar, “Cinema in the Sky” snack options including lobster rolls, edamame, sliders, and salted popcorn, as well as the inclusion of vegan food options for travelers in all cabin class.

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Along with the announcement of high-speed onboard internet connectivity, Emirates has also announced enhancements in connectivity features for Skywards members, which includes complimentary access to the internet throughout the entire duration of the flight for all members of Skywards Silver or Skywards Gold traveling in First Class or Business Class. The benefits can also be availed by Skywards Platinum members traveling in any class.

Just a few days prior, Emirates had announced that they decreased the Skywards Miles value required for classic rewards and upgrade rewards booked in Emirate’s First Class or Business Class configuration.

The move was announced by an Emirates spokesperson who mentioned that the value increase will be gradually introduced across the Emirates network between 22 December 2023 and January 31 2023 and is in line with the current market conditions.

As part of the change, Skywards Platinum, Silver, and Gold members can enjoy the opportunity to earn more Skywards Miles points while traveling with Emirates.

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