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Emirates Airlines To Start Daily Flights From Dubai To Toronto On April 20



Emirates Airlines dubai to operate daily flights to Toronto from April 20

The UAE and Canada have executed a recent agreement in order to boost the interconnection between the two countries. In accordance with the terms of this agreement, Dubai’s flagship air carrier, the Emirates is likely to increase the frequency of flights from Dubai to Canada. Emirates has been carrying passengers all the way from Dubai to Toronto since 2009.

According to a recent statement by a spokesperson, it was revealed that the number of passengers on this route has always been more than the allocated capacity. With time, the integration between the two nations has strengthened. However, until now, there were only two flights scheduled for Toronto from Dubai. The latest modification of the schedule has added two more flights per week. 

This expansion of air services between the UAE and Canada showcases the growing importance of strategic relationships between the two countries. The Government of Dubai is supportive of such measures as they elevate Dubai’s global position.

In fact, if the number of flights increases, then automatically it would promote an exponential rise in the number of passengers who travel from Dubai to Canada or vice-versa. With just an addition of two flights per week, a 40% capacity generation is likely to benefit the airlines, the national diaspora, and the domestic product. According to the sources, Emirates would be flying daily on this busy route from April 20, 2023.

This latest move will lead to the deployment of seven additional A380 aircraft 

Emirates has been able to operationalize its services all the way from Dubai to Toronto ever since 2009. At the time, only one A380 aircraft was deployed to travel from one country to another. With the passage of time, the relationship between the UAE and Canada has become stronger. All of this could be attributed to the benefits of globalization.

dubai to toronto emirates airlines to fly daily from 20  april 2023

Since the interaction between the countries has increased, there has been an exponential rise in the exchange of passengers from one place to another. Until 2012, Emirates was the only airline operational and two aircraft were deployed on this route. However, the passengers found it impossible to commute due to the paucity of flights. The flights were scheduled only for limited slots and it added to the hardships of the people. 

By the end of 2014, Emirates collaborated with Air Canada to increase the frequency of flights from once to twice. The number of aircraft was also increased in order to meet the ever-increasing demand. Despite this latest addition to the capacity, the passengers found it difficult to book their flights on time and reach their destination.

Adnan Kazim, Emirates’ Chief Commercial Officer, recently disclosed in an interview that all of their efforts to cater to the rising demand failed and they were left with no other option than to partner with the Canadian airlines.

Therefore, it was in the year 2022, that Air Canada and Emirates agreed to revamp their aviation strategy and their current share in the market. As per the latest update, Emirates has now agreed to fly two additional times in a week until April 20 and after April 20, Emirates will fly for all the days of the week. 

This would provide an additional 2000 seats thereby enabling the passengers to fly more frequently from Dubai to Canada. On average, a single flight would now offer 490 additional seats per day in Economy, Business, and executive classes. Passengers have expressed their satisfaction with the recent capacity addition.

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It will be possible for them to fly frequently for corporate and social events. Since the airlines would now be able to serve more passengers, the significance of relationships between the UAE and Toronto would increase.

This would boost the domestic product and tourism between the countries in addition to improving the state of infrastructure. Emirates has always contributed to building Dubai’s reputation and goodwill by offering better connectivity with various countries of the world. 

Emirates has also partnered with other Canadian airlines in order to establish a link with Canadian cities in addition to Toronto such as Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, and Montreal. According to the statistics, 35% of the passengers traveling from Dubai to Canada, travel from Toronto, 25% travel from Montreal, 16% travel from Calgary, and the remaining travel from other cities such as Ottawa, Winnipeg, and Halifax.

It was important for Emirates to explore these routes as well in order to capture the entire market of Canada. The increase in frequency will benefit the passengers to a great extent. The move has been taken in the best interests of all the passengers who play an important role to connect both countries together. 

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