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Emirates Cancels Flights To Two Prominent Europe Destinations



Emirates Cancels Flights To Two Prominent Europe Destinations

Emirates Airlines announced the cancellation of flights to two prominent europe destinations on March 26 and 27. Emirates released the statement that, Due to

Nationwide industrial action, flights to Munich and Frankfurt were canceled. These cancellations may also affect connecting flights via Munich and Frankfurt.

The flights will be canceled on Sunday, March 26, and Monday, March 27. 

Emirates Airlines has apologized for the inconvenience caused by the flight cancellations and assured its passengers that those who booked the canceled flight will provide a full refund for their tickets. 

Emirates has canceled two flights between Dubai and Munich on both days, and three flights to and from Frankfurt have already been canceled for Monday.

Here Is The List Of The Emirates Flight Cancellations

26 MARCH 2023, Sunday

The airline has also advised passengers to check their flight status before traveling to the airport.

  1. EK049 – Dubai to Munich
  2. EK050 – Munich to Dubai
  3. EK051 – Dubai to Munich
  4. EK052 – Munich to Dubai
Emirates Flight Cancellations

27 MARCH 2023, Monday

  1. EEK043 – Dubai to Frankfurt
  2. EK044 – Frankfurt to Dubai
  3. EK045 – Dubai to Frankfurt
  4. EK046 – Frankfurt to Dubai
  5. EK047 – Dubai to Frankfurt
  6. EK048 – Frankfurt to Dubai
  7. EK049 – Dubai to Munich  
  8. EK050 –  Munich to Dubai
  9. EK051 – Dubai to Munich
  10. EK052 – Munich to Dubai

The airline confirmed that “ Guests booked on these canceled services are being assisted with their travel arrangements. Etihad Airways is adding extra flights along with offering affected to travel to/from other European destinations.”

If the flight tickets are canceled due to reasons within the airline’s control, The customers are eligible for the refund. The Emirates hands over the compensation and the customer also gets a refund of the ticket’s original price.

Affected travelers who booked flight tickets to Munich and Frankfurt directly with Emirates can contact the airline for rebooking options and the customers who have booked tickets via travel agencies are advised to connect with their agent for alternative travel arrangements.

Emirates airline states ‘’Customers connecting on canceled flights to Munich and Frankfurt will not be accepted for travel at the origin.” and also said they regret the inconvenience caused to their customers.

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