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Emirates Travellers Opt For Charter Flights Instead Of First-Class Seats



Emirates Travellers Opt For Charter Flights Instead Of First-Class Seats

Charter flights have always been seen as a sign of luxury and an elite lifestyle. It was used by rich and busy business individuals and politicians who wanted to reach places as fast as they could and also with all the comforts that an airplane could offer.

During covid time, charter flights were the only option for these kinds of individuals for their travel and now, even after the covid phase, they are not switching back to first-class or business-class travel offered by commercial airlines.

Reasons Revealed!

According to the data revealed in the recent Middle East and North Africa Business Aviation Association (Mebaa) show in Dubai, more people who used to travel in first-class tickets now prefer charter flights. One of the main reasons for this is the ease of connectivity while on air.

The charter flights offer good internet connectivity while in flight using their satellite network systems. For customers who fly in charter services, this sort of connectivity is paramount as part of their time management and business needs. 

Charter Flights

The 2022 FIFA world cup also boosted a lot of normal flight sales and this led to people booking charter flights at the last moment. Often this would cause high air traffic and airport congestion because of the number of people at the airport.

Eventually, the charter flights will end up dropping the passengers in a different venue because of airport traffic and then flying off to another place where there is parking space. All this will increase the cost of charter jets. So in order to circumvent this problem, consumers have started to straight away prefer private jets to commercial airlines. Also, this is not an easily affordable option so there is no cause for too much rush for private jet bookings even though the current scenario shows an increase in demand. 

Private jet airlines offer a broad variety of comfort options for passengers starting from comfortable spaces, seating options, flight attendant service available at all times, interesting food menu, connectivity options, personal suites for relaxation, etc. People who belong to particular economic strata, who normally travel under the first class ticket on a commercial airliner can afford a charter flight by spending a little extra. This is a no-brainer for them when they are offered so much more comfortable than what a commercial airliner offers. 

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Noora Belsalah, project director at Royal Jet said that business class people prefer to have uninterrupted connectivity during their flight time and Royal Jet features high-speed internet connectivity and other comfort options like a personal suite and bedroom.

Aviation experts say that the organizing of major global events in the UAE region has also been one of the reasons for an increase in charter flight demand. The Dubai expo 2020 conducted from October 2021 to March 2022, Gitex Tech Show 2022, the FIFA world cup at Doha, etc. are all major events that happened in the UAE region in the past two years. This has raised the demand for air travel drastically towards the middle east region.

Captain Hamad Sultan Al Marri, Royal Jet Head of flight operations observed that their services were available even during the pandemic phase but because of the travel restrictions in many countries, the demand was very low.

But now, since the post-pandemic phase, the demand has shot up drastically and has outgrown the previous sales figures. This was a much-needed boost to the charter flight sector as personalized air travel is making its way into the popular domain and more people are willing to check out the option. The exclusivity and personalized experience offered by a charter flight allow the passenger to relax and enjoy the journey to its full extent.       

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