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Emirati Squad Helps Rescue 2 Men Trapped Under Rubble For 9 Days After Turkey Earthquake



Emirati Squad Rescued 2 Men in turkey earthquake

It is heartening to know that two young men were rescued from the rubble after the deadly earthquake in Turkey by the Emirati search and rescue team.
Search and rescue operations often use the deployment of sniffer dogs and shift work since these methods can boost the chances of locating survivors.

UAE’s Operation Gallant Knight/2 Shows Commitment to Global Cooperation in Times of Crisis

The Emirati squad that participated in this operation was undoubtedly well-trained and prepared because these techniques call for specialized training and tools.

Operation Gallant Knight2 in turkey earth quake

The contributions made by each emergency response team that assisted with post-earthquake assistance efforts. Their attempts to save lives and support those affected by the disaster are genuinely admirable, despite the fact that their work can be physically and emotionally challenging.

The Emirati team also managed to save a man who was believed to be in his 50s or 60s during the same expedition. The rescue squad worked quickly and tirelessly to rescue the man who had also spent many days buried under the debris.

The Emirati search and rescue crew had already rescued lives in Turkey previously. On February 8, the crew in the same city rescued a Syrian family of four from the rubble. After more than five hours of clearing the wreckage, a mother, her son, and two daughters were found alive. The crew worked nonstop to locate and free the family who had been trapped beneath the debris of their collapsed home.

The UAE’s ongoing efforts to aid and comfort those in need, including Operation Gallant Knight/2.A field hospital has been constructed in Turkey, and search and rescue teams from the Interior Ministry, Abu Dhabi Police, and Dubai Police are all participating in Operation Gallant Knight/2, a multi-agency response effort that is being directed by the UAE. The program was launched in response to the recent earthquake that devastated neighbouring Syria and Turkey, resulting in severe property damage and fatalities.

The UAE’s involvement in this initiative is a part of the nation’s continued efforts to help people who are in need both inside the area and outside of it. The nation has a long history of helping those affected by natural disasters and armed wars, and the world community has applauded its efforts.

The UAE’s involvement in a wide range of global humanitarian projects shows its dedication to encouraging international cooperation in times of need. These comprise providing immediate aid to victims of conflicts and natural catastrophes in nations like Yemen, Syria, and Sudan as well as providing financial assistance to international organisations that strive to fight poverty and advance development in underdeveloped areas of the world.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Orders Intensified Humanitarian Relief Efforts in Earthquake-Hit Areas

It’s wonderful to see Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed and the Emirates Red Crescent taking the initiative in boosting the UAE’s humanitarian relief operations in disaster-stricken areas.

UAE’s efforts to help those in need, both inside the area and beyond, the Emirates Red Crescent is a crucial institution. The group has a long history of helping those afflicted by conflicts and natural catastrophes, and it is crucial in coordinating the UAE’s relief efforts with those of other international organizations.

The UAE has made a strong commitment to fostering international collaboration and working towards a more peaceful and secure world, as seen by Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed’s chairmanship of the Emirates Red Crescent and his directive to step up the country’s humanitarian aid efforts. Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed is ensuring that the UAE continues to play a significant role in the worldwide humanitarian response to crises and disasters through his efforts.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed is actively involved in the relief efforts and is considering strategies to step up the effort and help people affected by the earthquake much more.

The 50-bed field hospital operated by the UAE, which is already accepting patients, is a vital component of the nation’s rescue efforts. The hospital is fully staffed with medical, technical, and administrative teams, enabling it to offer much-needed medical aid to those hurt in the earthquake. Volunteers, emergency cadres, and the UAE’s relief and logistics skills will all be crucial in supporting the families and individuals who have been affected.

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The field hospital for the UAE in Turkey is an outstanding structure with a 40,000 square metre floor area, 50 beds, and four ICU beds. There are many departments at the hospital, including the front desk, screening, emergency room, surgery, intensive care, dental, X-ray, laboratory, pharmacy, and outpatient areas.

The presence of psychologists on the medical staff at the field hospital demonstrates the UAE’s dedication to offering comprehensive care to those impacted by the earthquake. Psychologists may support people who are experiencing anxiety, sadness, or post-traumatic disorder.

The hospital is categorized as a level-three unit, indicating it is multidisciplinary, fully staffed, and prepared to offer all significant treatments. Patients can receive the best possible medical care due to this level of classification.

Over 37,000 deaths have been reported as a result of the terrible 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Syria and Turkey on Monday. Support for individuals impacted by the earthquake is being greatly aided by the UAE’s relief operations, which also include a field hospital and search and rescue teams.

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